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Leaving the Fold: Canadian Television Premiere June 23rd

Posted by Ralph / June 23, 2009

If I wrote for a tabloid, I'd probably use some mumbo jumbo à la : "don't miss out on the opportunity to delve into the heat of cultural taboos " to speak of Eric R. Scott's new documentary "Leaving the Fold".

But since his press release was so appealing, here it is:

From the Hasidic enclaves of Montreal, Brooklyn and Jerusalem, Eric R. Scott's LEAVING THE FOLD tells the story of five young people born and raised within the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world who no longer wish to remain on the inside. As children they grew up in a closed society where deviation from the rules of conduct is often punishable by ostracism, intimidation or worse. As young adults they pay a steep price for abandoning their parents and community to seek the freedom to make their own choices. Tinged with pain and unexpected humor, LEAVING THE FOLD documents the process by which these five brave souls emerge from a strictly controlled society into a baffling secular world of endless choices: What should I wear? What shall I become? Who will I marry? Once everything was decided for them, now they must decide for themselves. But the answers don't always come easily.

excerpt from Leaving the Fold's Press Release

Leaving the Fold
Tuesday, June 23 - 6: PM & 10:00 PM
CBC's digital channel Documentary

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