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Watch and schmooze at Film InFest, This Saturday

Posted by Andrés / June 25, 2009

Film InFest

The latest trend in music and theater festivals this summer has been one of overlapping and merging in order to expand cognizance of their existence. So it's refreshing to see a brand new (keyword: inaugural) film festival that sets itself apart from any associations with a behemoth like Fantasia for recognition. It's called Film InFest and it's one night only at the National Film Board outpost on St. Denis & De Maisonneuve with an afterparty/schmoozefest at the House of Reggae, a stumble upstreet.

What sets Film InFest apart is it's focus on the creative works as impetus for social networking. Fourteen short films will be presented between 7:30pm and 9:00pm on Saturday, June 27th, 2009 at the NFB. These are films from relatively new directors who took part in an open submission process. No theme or genre ties them together. Urban Trenches is about street gangs and cops, Today is Friday a conversation piece between three Roman soldiers, and First Round a comic book match-up between Marvel Comics heroes The Punisher and Wolverine!

So whether it's the heated debate about racial profiling by Montréal police, a chat about the probable demise of a world superpower, or the age-old debate of whether a .50 caliber bullet can penetrate adamantium, the party nonetheless moves on to House of Reggae. Here the directors of the films can meet others in the art community and possibly pair up for future projects. The whole package comes out to $15 and includes a free drink. Give those laser-printed business cards a shining. I like to colour mine in.

1564 St-Denis Street

Networking After-Party:
1693-A St-Denis Street

For more information, visit the Film InFest official website.

Above image courtesy Film Infest & the National Film Board of Canada.

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