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The National Parks Project: Gros Morne

Posted by Christine / October 10, 2009

20091010-NPP.jpg filmCAN + Stitch Media present: The National Parks Project: Gros Morne (NPP:GM), showing at tonight's Festival du Nouveau Cinema at Ex-Centris Cassavetes Cabaret.

NPP:GM, shot by, Peter Mettler and directed by Ryan Noth, is 43-minutes of footage shot at Newfoundland's Gros Morne National Park. The film allows viewers to see the park's flora, fauna, geological structures, and human elements in a new and original perspective.

According to the project's web page, "NPP:GM reconnects Canadians with the wondrous wilderness that lies at the heart of their national identity, through the technology that has come to play such a major role in their lives."

For tonight's showing, the film will have a live musical accompaniment. The artists performing alongside the film's screening includes members of Stars (Evan Cranley), the Stills (Liam O'Neill), Apostle of Hustle (Julian Brown), and more.

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