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Reel Forecast: Brazilian Films, Korean Retrospective, Cinema l'Amour Turns 40, Men for Sale & More...

Posted by Andrés / November 27, 2009


Off-the-beaten-path films for FRIDAY NOV 27 through THURSDAY DEC 3

FRIDAY / L'ATLANTIDE (dir. Jacques Feyder, 1921) / 180 min.
The story of two military officers who get lost in the Saharan desert and find the lost city of Atlantis. Projected on screen in 35mm, this silent film will be accompanied live by pianist Roman Zavada, as was done in days of old. This fantasy epic is known for being one of the first shot entirely on location. Director Feyder spent 8 months in Algeria and in the desert. Cinematheque Quebecoise / 335 De Maisonneuve East / 4pm / $6-7 More info

FRIDAY-SATURDAY / ROMANCE (dir. Guel Arraes, 2008) / 100 min.
Part of the 3rd annual Brazil Film Festival (Nov. 27th-Dec. 3rd). Not to be confused with Catherine Breillat's 1999 snore-fest of the same name, this Brazilian film seems to be a more tame story about sex and love. A couple sharing a passionate romance playing Tristan+Isolde on stage do not seem to be able to replicate the same passion for each other off-stage. Jealousy and fun film sex ensues. Cinema du Parc / 3575 Parc Ave. / 9pm / $5-10 More info

FRIDAY-MONDAY / HOMMES À LOUER (dir. Rodrigue Jean, 2009) / 143 min.
A brutal look at a little-known reality for many males in Montreal. This documentary takes a look at how male hustlers cope with trading sexual favours for cash and finally for drugs. NFB Cinerobotheque / 1564 St-Denis / 7pm / $5-7 More info

FRIDAY-TUESDAY / LAUGHOLOGY (dir. Albert Nerenberg, 2009) / 65 min.
Not even the trailer for this latest Canadian documentary takes itself seriously. It chronicles a new movement sweeping the globe: laughter. The National Post called it "screamingly funny", and while I'm a little skeptical that a film about laughter can honestly be laugh-inducing, I'm willing to give it a chance. At least it knows to end itself at a running time of just over an hour, to avoid any belly-shake-gasping-for-air deaths. Cinema du Parc / 3575 Parc Ave. / 9:15 Friday to Tuesday, 5:30 Saturday & Sunday / $5-10 More info

SUNDAY / BOB LE FLAMBEUR (dir. Jean-Pierre Melville, 1956) / 101 min.
The 16mm of Melville's classic film noir is coming to Montréal! For those not in the know, Melville is France's premiere film noir director, having gone on from Bob to direct Le doulos and Le deuxième souffle. This particular film is about an aging gambler who decides to risk it all in one last attempt to renew his former glory. Cinematheque Quebecoise / 335 De Maisonneuve East / 5pm / $6-7 More info

MONDAY / LA VIDA LOCA (dir. Christian Poveda, 2008) / 105 min.
Concordia's Cinema Politica continues its series of thought-provoking documentary screenings. This Crazy Life is about rival gangs in San Salvador. The film focuses on teenage members of the gang and is an close-up look into their lives. The film came so close that director Poveda was assassinated in September of this year for the role he played in shedding light on the brutality of these gangs. Concordia University H-110 / 1455 De Maisonneuve West / 7:30pm / Free More info

TUESDAY / WHERE THE WIND DWELLS (dir. Jeon Soo-il, 2009) / 90 min.
Part of Korean filmmaker Jeon Soo-il Retrospective Series. Contemporary Korean filmmaker Jeon Soo-il's latest film is a simple story about a businessman who travels across the Himalayas to deliver the remains of a worker to his family. While most will likely go see this movie for Choi Min-Sik (he was the lead in Korean new wave hit Oldboy), the real treat is the beautiful scenery caught on film. The director will be present at this screening. Cinematheque Quebecoise / 335 De Maisonneuve East / 6:30pm / $6-7 More info

WEDNESDAY / FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL! (dir. Russ Meyer, 1965) / 83 min.
I'll be going into a little more detail about this screening later in the week. Suffice to say, this film is one of the first grindhouse movies to hit the mainstream. The plot involves a group of strippers who drive through the desert in search of murder and cash. This is an all-night event in celebration of Cinema l'Amour's 40th anniversary. They are promising cleaned up seats (though surely no one fool CSI's infrared semen detectors) and none of their usual clientele. The movie is being raised for HIV/AIDS awareness and the film will be doubled up with a live music performance by the Hellbound Hepcats. This is also the launch of the theatres attempt to draw out a more hipster crowd, as Grindhouse Wednesdays are meant to become a regular attraction. Cinema l'Amour / 4015 St-Laurent / 9pm / $10 More info

Despite Citizen Kane being considered by many critics as the best film of all time, the remainder of Orson Welles' filmography isn't too well known by regular folk. This is the chance to catch a non-Kane Welles: a short but very dense film about a decaying elite family in 19th century America. Cinema du Parc / 3575 Ave. du Parc / 9:15pm / $5-10 More info

THURSDAY / BLACK ORPHEUS (dir. Marcel Camus, 1959) / 100 min.
We finish off the week with the end of the Brazil Film Festival and a classic Brazilian (well actually... French) film by Camus. It is a re-telling of the Orpheus myth during a colorful festival in Brazil and brought the bossa nova musical style global. This a terrific film in technicolor. Highly recommended classic film viewing. Cinema du Parc / 3575 Ave. du Parc / 7pm / $5-10 More info

Image a mash-up of Where the Wind Dwells & Bob le flambeur.

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