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Reel Forecast: Pierre Falardeau passes away to Xavier Dolan

Posted by Andrés / January 3, 2010


A new year of film screenings for FRIDAY JAN 1 through THURSDAY JAN 7.

2009 saw the passing of two very influential Québecois directors: Gilles Carles, and the more controversial Pierre Falardeau. Falardeau, a solid backer of the separatist movement in the province, transferred his culture and politics to film. His Elvis Gratton persona is a cult favourite and spawned three full-length films. His other directorial efforts such as Octobre and 15 février 1839 found more recognition in film circles as potent anti-Federalist historical documents. The Cinémathèque québécoise will be running a retrospective of Falardeau's films. Ironically, 2009 marks his last television appearance on the "Les Boys" series, the same year that Xavier Dolan marked his first appearance as actor and director with the Cannes hit I Killed My Mother. The film is once again screening at Cinema du Parc, but this time with a limited time 2-for-1 ticket offer. This week allows a rare opportunity to catch a personality from the past and likely future of Québecois film.

The event title is fairly self-explanatory. I suggest clicking on the below link, as it lists each animated short with an attached image to give you an idea of what to expect. Of interest is a music video for the MGMT song 'Kids' The compilation screens all week long. Cinema du Parc / 3575 Parc Ave. / Various Times / $5-10 More Info

Apart from some last-run screenings of current films this week you can catch Fritz Lang's silent sci-fi film Metropolis, John Hughes' comedy classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Almodovar's Live Flesh (also casting Penélope Cruz), the little-known but solid thriller The Assassination of Richard Nixon, the wintry musical Happy Feet, and possible 2010 Genie-winner Cairo Time. Cinema Dollar / 6900 Décarie Blvd / $2 More Info

MONDAY / LES ENFANTS SONT PARTIS (dir. Daniel Burman, 2008) / 92 min
«Réalisé par Daniel Burman, figure de proue du nouveau cinéma argentin, ce drame psychologique pose un regard intéressant sur une réalité peu abordée au cinéma et repose avant tout sur la brillante interprétation de ses acteurs, notamment Oscar Martinez, assez juste, voire touchant, dans son rôle d'intellectuel à la dérive.» (Jean-Christophe Laurence, La Presse) This screening is preceded by the short film À Mère et marées. Important Note: The main feature is Spanish with French subtitles only. Théâtre Outremont / 1248 Bernard Ave. West / $5-6 More info

WEDNESDAY / I DRINK YOUR BLOOD (dir. David E. Durston, 1970) / 90 min
The launch of Grindhouse Wednesdays proved to be a success. The second edition once again matches a Montréal band with a sexploitation film in order to expand the prestige of the Cinéma l'Amour venue. The band opening for the film is Velvet Trench Vibes, a hip-hop group, and the main attraction is the 1970 film I Drink Your Blood. Not for the faint of heart, it's the story of a gang of Satanist hippies who rape and kill in a small town. Proceeds go to Head & Hands. This is once again pick of the week as its organizers continue to bring some energy to our local film scene, even if the subject matter may not entice all. Cinéma l'Amour / 4015 St-Laurent / 9pm / $10 More info

WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY / QUESTIONS NATIONALES (dir. Roger Boire & Jean-Pierre Roy, 2009) / 92 min
The directors will be present at the screenings of this documentary about sovereignty and separation. The goal is a non-partisan look at these ideas through three case studies: Scotland, Catalonia, and Québec. It has already received praise for its ability to spark debate. This is your chance to watch this independent film and be able to ask its creators any pertinent questions. Cinémathèque québécoise / 335 De Maisonneuve East / 7pm / $6-7 More info

Image a mash-up of Pierre Falardeau doing an Antoine Doinel impersonation and Xavier Dolan doing a Xavier Dolan impersonation.

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