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Reel Forecast: Celebrate Valentine's weekend with love & revenge at Cinema du Parc

Posted by Andrés / February 12, 2010


Film lover's choices for FRIDAY FEB 12 through THURSDAY FEB 18.

In a city not short of film festivals, Cinema du Parc has concocted the Montreal International Romantic Film Festival, which runs from February 12th to 18th. Capitalizing on the craze for chocolate hearts and roses that are bound to sell by the ton this weekend, the films range from American classic Casablanca to contemporary New York, I Love You, to the online indie hit Sita Sings the Blues, among others. Personally, my pick for Valentine's weekend would be Cinema du Parc's preview screenings of Götz Spielmann's Revanche (pictured above) - an admittedly seedier choice for Valentine's Day. This story about a con-man dating a prostitute has been getting very positive buzz since its Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film last year. The above choices are sure to impress your date or significant other more than going to the obviously vaccuous Valentine's Day film, also opening this week.

FRIDAYL'ENVERS DU DÉCOR A collection of sort silent films from the 1910s carefully restored and give light on the unique cinema language of the period; with piano accompaniment by Gabriel Thibaudeau (EFF) Cinémathèque québecoise 6:30pm $6-7 More Info / TUVALU (dir. Veit Helmer, Germany, 1999, 100 min) From the director of Absurdistan, an inventive comic fable with the feel of Jeunet-Caro (EFF) Goethe Institut 7pm $6-7 More Info / BEFORE WE FALL IN LOVE AGAIN (dir. James Lee, Malaysia, 2006, 99 min) A husband and lover go in search of a young woman gone missing; part of the New Mayalsian Cinema series (EST) Cinémathèque québecoise 7pm $6-7 More Info / BARRAVENTO (dir. Glauber Rocha, Brazil, 1962, 77 min) Farmers and fishermen are exploited by landowners in Brazil (EST) Cinémathèque québecoise 8:30pm $6-7 More Info

SATURDAYHELLZAPOPPIN' (dir. H.C. Potter, USA, 1941, 84 min) Ole & Johnson are sort of like the unknown Marx Brothers, and this comedic adaptation of the stage play is one of their best (EO) Cinémathèque québecoise 5pm $6-7 More Info / DOCTEUR JECKYLL ET LES FEMMES (dir. Walerian Borowcyk, France, 1981, 92 min) This is sort of like how a horror-grindhouse movie would have played out in the 19th century (FO) Cinémathèque québecoise 7pm $6-7 More Info / A IDADE DE TERRA (dir. Glauber Rocha, Brazil, 1980, 140 min) The last film by Rocha is a series of different segments and images that address the socio-political themes of his filmography (EST) Cinémathèque québecoise 7:15pm $6-7 More Info

SUNDAYLE DIEU NOIR ET LE DIABLE BLOND (dir. Glauber Rocha, Brazil, 1964, 118 min) A lyrical film about a poor couple who learn about a prophecy in which the poor will become rich at the sacrifice of a child (FST) Cinémathèque québecoise 5pm $6-7 More Info / ANTONIO DAS MORTES (dir. Glauber Rocha, Braz.-Fr., 1969, 98 min) Starving farmers are assaulted by a professional killer hired by landowners (FST) Cinémathèque québecoise 7:15pm $6-7 More Info / FOOLISH WIVES (dir. Erich von Stroheim, USA, 1922, 117 min) Three Russian aristocrats lease a villa in Monte Carlo for their questionable activities (EFF) Pote:tr 8pm Free

MONDAYHOMMES À LOUER (dir. Rodrigue Jean, Québec, 2009, 143 min) A local doc that tells the often-forgot story of men working in the sex industry (FO) UQÀM 6pm Free More Info / VILAINE (dir. Jean-Patrick Benes, France, 2008, 100 min) Mélanie (Marilou Berry) is too nice. One day, after an ultimate humiliation at the hands of her friends, Mélanie decides to change; it's time to get revenge on all those who took advantage of her! Non-Cinemagique members must pay $20 for membership on top of admission fee (EFF) Cinema du Parc 6:30 pm $10 More Info / EARTH KEEPERS (dir. Sylvie Van Brabant, Canada, 2009, 83 min) A documentary more concerned with the solutions rather than the problems caused by humans on the environment; filmmakers will be present (EO) Concordia University 7:30pm Free More Info / UN ANGE À LA MER (dir. Frédéric Dumont, Bel.-Qué., 2009, 86 min) Louis is a twelve year old boy who lives with his parents and older brother in southern Morocco. Louis is very happy until the day his father shares a secret with him. (FO) Théâtre Outremont 7:30pm $5-6 More Info

TUESDAYAMERICAN RADICAL: THE TRIALS OF NORMAN FINKELSTEIN (dir. David Ridgen & Nicolas Rossier, USA/Canada, 2009, 84 min) Jewish son of Holocaust survivors and ardent critic of Israeli/US policy in the Middle East (EO) McGill University 8pm Free More Info

THURSDAYLA TRAGÉDIE DE LA MINE (dir. G.W. Pabst, Germany, 1931, 92 min) When several French miners are trapped, the German miners, ignoring their long-standing ethnic and political differences, pick their way through the tunnel to save the French miners, despite their bosses opposition. The film was seen as a powerful call for solidarity among workers of all nations. (FST) Goethe Institut 7pm $6-7 More Info

* A note on acronyms: EST (English Subtitles), FST (French Subtitles), EO (English Only), FO (French Only), EFF (English & French Friendly... as opposed to BFF)


OPENING THIS WEEK The Last Station, My Name is Khan, The Wolfman, Valentine's Day, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Romaine par -30

For a full listing of mainstream film theatres & showtimes visit Cinéma Montréal.

Above images courtesy press releases for respective films.



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