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Reel Forecast Part II: Nuit Blanche

Posted by Andrés / February 27, 2010


Those uninterested by FIFEM'10 (see part one) and who may enjoy a more adult-oriented cinema experience: the 7th Nuit Blanche arts all-nighter is a fine alternative. Check out Emmanuel's comprehensive look at events. Carolyn also shared some of the art venue highlights yesterday - now time for film. You won't have the time to watch them all, but below find most of the cinema-related activities you can enjoy from dusk on Saturday 'till dawn on Sunday.

Café Cléopâtre(1230 St. Laurent 2nd Floor) For cinema fanatics-and insomniacs! SPASM offers a whole night of short films, all made in Quebec. Don't miss the scariest, trashiest sleepover in town, a night of fun and laughter hosted by the drag queens of Café Cléopâtre. 9pm-3am Free

Centre d'histoire
de Montreal
(355 Place d'Youville) Cine-labyrinth: Meander through the labyrinth of time to relive Montreal's past, in a history museum that's been transformed after dark. It's a travelogue for night owls, presenting vintage film images of our beloved city. 8pm-2am Free

Chez Baptiste
sur Masson
(3014 Masson Street) Total Crap presents the worst television and film ever made--so bad that it's good. International, national and regional TV--we have it all, enough wretched CinemaCrap and Tortured TV to damage the sanest mind! 9:30pm-3am $5

(355 De Maisonneuve Est) IL ÉTAIT UNE FOIS DANS L'EST (dir. André Brassard, Québec, 1974, 101 min) Not to be confused with Segio Leone's 'West', 'East' is a local film that highlights several crossing stories, including a pregnant teen, drag-queen a gullible neighbour. Midnight & 1:45am Free

Ex-Centris (3536 St. Laurent) Enjoy an evening of exclusive short films in la Noche de los cortos, screening the best short-form films from Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Join the party! 9pm-2am $8

La Centrale (4296 boul. Saint-Laurent) In conjunction with her solo exhibition at La Centrale, Julie Lequin will screen a few of her art videos made since 2003, exploring questions of identity and language through a whimsical, crafty and satirical lens. 10pm & 1am Free

Le Balcon (304 Notre-Dame Est) Enjoy an evening of silent Charlie Chaplin films with live piano accompaniement, dinner not included in price of show, but the show is free. 10:30pm & 11pm Free

Montréal Tower (3200 Viau Street) Via le Monde roams the planet making documentaries about mankind's relations with ecosystems, history and cultural diversity. Meet Daniel Bertolino, who will present three documentaries on the Papuan people of Papua-New Guinea, the Baka Pygmies in Cameroon and some of the Indian tribes in the Amazon. 7pm, 9pm & 11pm Free

(1564 St. Denis) On top of free access to watch all the NFB's catalog from 5pm to 5am, here's what else they are offering: Cabina Obscura is live filmmaking that juxtaposes 35-16mm film, video, shadows, etc., as light from projectors is sculpted and sound from the booth blended with the live sounds of musicians. 8pm $5 / "Dis-moi" digital image and photomontage work by Geneviève Godin, will be created live and feature the All-Nighter audience as its main character. 9pm-3am Free / Best of Planet Kino 2009 A unique opportunity to see the 2009 report on the network's best kinos, from Reykjavik to Matane up to 10 Years Old Kino Kabaret! 11pm $5 / Best of 10 Years of Kino (Re)Discover major works that have strongly influenced the Kino movement to date: a retrospective culled from the new Kino DVD-DIX! 12:30am $5 / ACIC Year's Best The ACIC program supports nearly sixty French-language films annually across Canada. Innovative in both form and content, many of the productions are selected by prestigious festivals and even win awards the world over. 2am $5 / FAP-Quebec Year's Best The FAP-Quebec program supports English-language productions from Quebec and Ottawa city. Innovative in both form and content, many of the productions are selected by prestigious festivals and win awards the world over. 3:30 am $5

Place des Arts (175 Ste-Catherine West) A selection of the best short films shown at Fantasia 2009. DJ XL5'S Razzle Dazzle Zappin' Party offers playful shorts, animated films and other entertaining micro-shorts. The Best of Fantasia 2009 presents a selection chosen by Mitch Davis, while Vive le court libre 2009 presents Quebec's best cult short films. 11pm-5am Free

UQAM (200 Sherbrooke St. West) Télétoon's Star Wars: The Clone Wars screens the CG-animated series coupled with special guests and prizes, 8pm-2am Free

For the full list of activities check out the Nuit Blanche website.

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