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Reel Forecast: Israeli film festival hits Montreal, allow for RefleXions

Posted by Andrés / April 30, 2010


Film screening recommendations for FRIDAY APR 30 to THURSDAY MAY 6

The 5th edition of the Festival du Cinema Israelien de Montreal debuts on Sunday, bringing along with it 20+ films funded wholly in or in part by Israel. Always a topic of much controversy, Israeli filmmakers have never ignored the hard topics and have managed to look at themselves critically in aspects of war and religion. Amongst the many fine movies being presented at Cinema du Parc this year, Samuel Maoz' Lebanon is surely the most intriguing. Winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, this dramatic retelling of the First Lebanon War has been hailed for taking a balanced look back at a war that seems to be repeat itself. Check out the full schedule, and don't miss out on this one.

RUNNING CONCURRENTLY (though in no way affiliated) with the Israeli film festival is the Cinema du Parc screening of Black Bus, another Israeli film. Like last year's My Father, My Lord, Black Bus takes a personal and critical look at the Hassidic community. This time, the ill treatment of women is the center of the dramatic conflict. (More Info)

ON MONDAY, CHECK OUT this week's screening from the Cinemagique club. Nicole Holofcener's latest, Please Give, takes a page from her film patron, Woody Allen. Set in New York, it features a cast of women including Rebecca Hall and Catherine Keener and has been alluded to by director Holofcener as the "anti-chick flick" chick flick. (More Info)

IF YOU LOVE BAD FILMS, head over to Mainline Theatre on Tuesday for their Movie Mondays event, not to be confused with their non-existent Movie Tuesdays events. Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly cook up an unabashed stinker of a musical in the 1980 film, Xanadu. (More Info)

IF YOU LOVE FILM-SPONSORED NON-FILM EVENTS, Dreamsgate Pictures is helping organize a charity event on Wednesday at the always beautiful Cinema Imperial on Bleury. RefleXions is a campaign to raise awareness against image discrimination in society. Numerous musicians and performers will be present, and footage from a documentary named Just Imagine will also be shown. (More Info)

Above image courtesy the Israeli Film Festival website.



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