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B&W Film Foundation Presents Roman Polanski's Debut in 35mm, This Evening

Posted by Andrés / June 5, 2010


The Black and White Film Foundation's extremely successful (at least in terms of attendance) first screening of Babydoll back in April has lead to a second screening this evening. Once again pulling the necessary strings to bring a 35mm print to Montréal, tonight's screening is of Knife in the Water. The veteran of a wide variety of short films, Polish director Polanski made his feature-length debut with this film that is recognized as one of the best psychological thrillers on film. The screening takes place at 8pm tonight at Salle J.A. De Sève (that's the Concordia library building) for a lowly $3.

The premise is simple: a couple head out to their boat for a day and night of peaceful sailing. Along the way they meet a young hitchhiker who aids them in setting off on the water. What follows is a mise en scène that occurs entirely in one location: on the boat. Apart from the psychological uncertainty of a relatively unknown third wheel, the sexual tension also becomes fairly palpatable, as the woman seems to have the eye of the tag-along. Evading shock moments or forced denouement's, Polanski showed in this first film great restraint in allowing the characters' interactions to build tension, and to allow the constricted space to do its duty.

For more information on the B&W Film Foundation or tonight's screening, visit their official website.

Poster image courtesy the B&W Film Foundation.

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