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Cinequanon: Year Two

Posted by Christine / August 5, 2010

20100805-tim.jpg It's halfway through summer, and if you haven't attended Cinequanon yet, it's high time you do. 'Why,' you ask?

"I honestly think we hold one of the best regular events in the city," said host Tim Kelly. "It's fun. It's free. We like movies. You like movies. Let's all watch them outside while sipping a beer."

The weekly screenings, hosted by Kelly and Pablo Gouin, happen at 8:00 p.m. every Friday at 4562 St. Dominique (a wee bit up from Mount Royal).

This seasonal installment of Cinequanon has seen few changes from the summer previous.

"The main difference this year is a big new sexy screen made out of of a double bed frame and a much better stereo system," said Kelly. "Also, Pablo got weirder, but arguably better looking."

Cinequanon will also be taking on a new project this year. It will be presenting a film series called 'Not So Silent Nights' at the Film Pop HQ as part of Pop Montreal. The series will comprise of local acts playing live soundtracks to classic, silent films. Kelly currently has Grimes and D'Eon signed up to collaborate on the soundtrack for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

This unique pairing of old cinema with current styles of music will surely be worthwhile to see. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in particular, is one of my all-time favorite films, thus I am curious and excited to see how this dark, spiralling world of German Expressionism is brought to life with sound.

Kelly also has future plans for the Cinequanon weekly film screenings.

"There is a very likely chance that it might turn into a legitimate short film festival next year," said Kelly. "And by a legitimate festival I mean; I buy a dot com, set up a Withoutabox festival account, charge $25 per entry, and start lighting cigars with the DVD screeners I only watched the first minute of."

Until then, you can watch the films without charge, and enjoy generous handfulls of popcorn to boot. However, feel free to toss a few shillings into the donation hat as you leave.

Come out tomorrow for a screening of Federico Fellini's 8 ½ . It's chock-full of smooth, European sex-appeal, and beautiful musings, "Why piece together the tatters of your life; the vague memories, the faces... the people you never knew how to love?"

Further information about Cinequanon can be found at:

Accompanying El Topo/Kelly/Gouin mash-up created by the magnificent Billy Terry



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