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Posted by Christine / September 20, 2010

20100920rue.jpg To all you beautiful, bustling smile enders; have you passed by Cagibi lately?


Well, if you've casually strolled by you might have noticed something. A flickering curiosity inside the window, perhaps. Or even better; if compelled to watch for a moment, that perpheral flickering transformed into someone. Someone speaking.

RUEVIDS is a collaborative series pioneered by the ever enterprising mind of Tim Kelly. It consists of five screens on a continuous loop, within five storefronts, on one street (St. Viateur).

The screens display chosen subjects and their rather intimate, emotional testimonials. The hope is to infiltrate the city's tired visual landscape and reward those who investigate beyond the immediately visible.

"I wanted an avenue outside of the gallery space," said Tim Kelly. "I think it's important for an artist to have their work seen. I chose St. Viateur because people interested in art tend to walk down this street often and regularly."

The first installement, titled 'Loved', focuses on individuals discussing their experiences of loving and being loved. 'Loved' consists of work by five filmakers: Emily Kai Bock, Miriam Gallou, Selin Murat, George Aloysius and Tim Kelly.

The subject matter includes (in order corresponding to the aforementioned): two Bangladeshi depanneur workers talking about their experiences in Canada, a perceived land of opportunity, only to find long hours and a lack of love and happiness, a girl who is trying to love herself before she can truly, if at all, love anyone else properly, an interview piece about a woman who is eight months pregnant, a filmmaker interviewing his girlfriend's ex, and a wrestling match between fiancés.

Kelly plans on continuing the project with new installments.

"I want to do more RUEVIDS with the same screens, but maybe on a different street," he said. "With new artists and a new theme... make it a sexy new thing in the city."

'Loved' is currently being shown from the windows of General 54 (54 St. Viateur) to popular Mile End coffee spot Cagibi (corner St. Laurent and St. Viateur). It will run from September 15th to the 29th.

Watch the trailer here:

More information can be found on the facebook page!/event.php?eid=134453599933673 and the blogspot

Photo by Tim Kelly



Vishal / February 5, 2015 at 04:16 am
I adore shooting loevly spaces too. There are so many times when I enter a shop and I regret not packing my camera! But now I carry it everywhere so that when I stumble upon a delicious bagel shop, I can photograph it.
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