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Don't let Blue Sunshine stand alone: Show your support!

Posted by Andrés / February 22, 2011

20110222_bluesunshine.jpgCo-creators of Blue Sunshine, David Bertrand and Kier-La Janisse, sent out notice via their Facebook page today that Montréal's psychotronic cinema space and horror film school is in dire financial straights. Naming "local bureaucracy," "corrupt contractors," and high rents as part of the problem, they fear that unless support comes around, there might only be a few months left.

For those unaware of the group (we covered their opening back in June), they run obscure horror and cult films on a regular basis, are very well organized, and have managed to host some of the most impressive film events of the year. One of these was the Twin Peaks marathon with guest appearance of one of the series' stars.

Montrealers are certainly no stranger to hearing about corruption, and local bureaucracy can only point to a lack of funding for what is primarily an English film club. While no names are named, I can only imagine that Blue Sunshine does not have the support of some of the many public cultural funds of our beautiful province. On the other hand, English Montrealers who are interested in film need to get off their couches, away from Netflix (the selection really isn't that good) and actually go attend some film-related events.

So, here's the key point of their entreaty: "I think we've realized that our small capacity room needs to be sold out pretty much every single night if we hope to break even. So, your support and attendance means an awful lot, and your help in spreading the word means an awful lot too." I'm spreading the news. Now you need to attend. If not, we might as well just stop covering film altogether and let you masses go to your Cineplex to watch the best crap Hollywood can muster.

Their next screening is Thursday. As part of Black Heritage Month they are playing Superstonic Sound: The Rebel Dread, a film about Don Letts who played a role in the British dub, reggae and hip hop scenes of the 1980s. Then on Friday is TICK... TICK... TICK..., a 1970 American film about the first black sheriff of a town and how he deals with the burgeoning racism of its residents. Timely and in 16mm!

Go to Blue Sunshine's website.

Image courtesy Blue Sunshine.

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