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FNC 2011 Preview: National Parks Project, Hara-Kiri in 3D, and other recommendations for the 2nd half

Posted by Andrés / October 18, 2011

20111018_nouveaucinema.jpgMuch like its first week of film screenings, the second week of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema is rife with sold-out screenings; including Québec film, Nuit #1, Sarah Polley's Take This Waltz, and Iranian Une séparation. Once again, I've filtered through the programming to recommend available screenings from Wednesday through to Sunday, festival's end.

20111018_nouveaucinema1.jpgNational Parks Project is a Canadian environmentalist's wet dream and may likely be required viewing for any inhabitant of this territory. The doc is comprised of 13 documentaries from 13 filmmakers, each focusing on the beauty of Canada's protected lands mixed with music. (Plays Wednesday, Oct. 19th at 7pm & Thursday, Oct. 20th at 5:15pm)

Last Fast Ride: The Life, Love and Death of a Punk Goddess is a biography of a West Coast performer who was notorious for bringing sex workers to her rock shows and whose self-destructive attitude led to an early death. (Plays Wednesday Oct. 19th at 5pm & Saturday, Oct. 22nd at 3pm)

Vinyl (Tales from the Vienna Underground) attempts to re-evaluate Vienna's position as the musical capital of Europe. Once the home of Mozart and Strauss, it now houses an eclectic mix of electronica and punk venues, "caught between the weight of history and a desire to be free." (Plays Friday, Oct. 21st at 3pm & Sunday, Oct. 23rd at 5pm)

20111018_nouveaucinema2.jpgHara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai is a 3D remake of a Japanese samurai classic directed by Takashi Miike. Long known by Fantasia attendees for his oft violent (Ichi the Killer, Audition) or flamboyant (Ninja Kids, Yatterman) productions, this one is sure to please. (Plays Wednesday, Oct. 19th at 7pm & Sunday, Oct. 23rd at 6:45pm)

Tatsumi is an animated adaptation of A Drifting Life, an autobiographical manga by artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi, considered to be one of Japan's contemporary manga artists. The book itself is available from Drawn & Quarterly. (Plays Wednesday, Oct. 19th at 3pm)

Chico & Rita, another animated film in the FNC lineup, attempts to capture the sensuality and brilliant emotions of Cuban music. Set in the 1950s, its a classic love story and a visual feast. (Plays Thursday Oct. 20th at 9:45pm & Sunday, Oct. 23rd at 12:45pm)

20111018_nouveaucinema3.jpgDo Me Love is the well-trod story of a man cheating on his wife with a younger woman. It follows their affair on a day-by-day basis, shot with a digital camera, and tracks the young woman's nihilistic influence on her new lover. (Plays Wednesday, Oct. 19th at 5:15pm & Friday, Oct. 21st at 9:30pm)

L'Apollonide takes place in a brothel in Paris at the end of 19th century. Director Bertrand Bonello (The Pornographer) will be present to discuss how to film deals with the individual joys and sorrows of the brothel's workers. (Plays Wednesday, Oct. 20th at 7pm)

Melting Away. This Canadian/Israeli co-production is about a cross-dresser rejected by his family and working at a Toronto cabaret. The realization that he is suffering from cancer forces him to find ingenious ways of reconnecting with his parents. (Plays Thursday, Oct 20th at 1:15pm & Saturday, Oct. 22nd at 2:45pm)

Pictures courtesy the FNC.



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