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FNC 2011 Preview: Sold-out screenings don't mean you should wallow in Melancholia

Posted by Andrés / October 12, 2011

20110912_festivaldunouveaucinema.jpgYes, it's true. Tickets are no longer available for some of the high profile films at this year's Festival du Nouveau Cinema: including Lars von Trier's latest. But it's not true that high profile equates to quality, and there are still plenty of films to choose from. To ensure you don't get caught missing out, I suggest buying tickets ahead of time. Otherwise, you can be among the first to line up for last-minute tickets to sold out screenings, but that would be an awful waste of your time. (If this is in your plans, make sure you get to the venue at least an hour before start) Here's a look at some of what's still available from this Thursday to next Tuesday.

20110912_fnc2011a.jpgTAKE SHELTER This American-made film has been successful in its rounds of the festival circuit. On the outside, it's a thriller about a man who sees the signs of a coming apocalypse. But is it all just in his mind? (Plays Friday, Oct. 14th at 7:30pm and Sunday, Oct. 16th at 7:15pm)

TOMBOY From the director of Water Lilies, it's another coming-of-age story in France: this time about a young girl who likes sports and crew cuts and for all intents and purposes simply likes being considered a boy by her peers. It's less complicated for her that way. (Plays Saturday, Oct. 15th at 3:15pm and Sunday, October 16th at 1:15pm)

THE TURIN HORSE This black-and-white film extends an fascinating historical anecdote to full-length drama. In 1889, upon seeing a horse being mistreated, Friedrich Nietzsche embraces the animal and weeps in face of the cruelty: he subsequently goes mad. (Plays Saturday, Oct. 15th at 4:30pm and Sunday, Oct. 16th at 9:30pm)

20110912_fnc2011b.jpgLE PAYS DES AMES, A JAZZ FABLE One of the many Quebecois film premieres, this one mixes a picturesque fable with jazz music - likely a first in the fantasy/musical genre. (Plays Sunday, Oct. 16th at 7:30pm and Monday, Oct. 17th at 1:15pm)

DECHARGE is Benoit Pilon's latest. For those not in the know, he directed the award-winning Ce qu'il faut pour vivre (the 1950s-set Inuit film). Décharge brings Pilon back to the modern day in this tale about a blue-collar worker juggling his family life with the unpleasant task of taking out the proverbial garbage (the trailer indicated drug dealers). (Plays Monday, Oct. 17th at 7pm and Tuesday, Oct. 18th at 9:15pm)

LES GEANTS "[Teens] turn a cottage over to a local thug for next to nothing, trash the home of a bourgeois couple, dye their hair blond, and slay a giant." 'Nuff said. (Plays Thursday, Oct. 13th at 1:15pm and Saturday, Oct. 15th at 5pm)

20110912_fnc2011c.jpg3D SEX AND ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY The FNC is showing off a bit of Fantasia-like craziness here. This is kind of like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon meets the 1970s style porn comedy (think Deep Throat), but with 3D glasses. Most likely a must-see, even with the awkward public seat shifting. (Plays Monday, Oct. 17th at 9:30pm and again nearer to festival's end)

THE BALLAD OF GENESIS AND LADY JAYE A documentary about two musicians who decide to undergo plastic surgery with the goal of becoming "pandrogyne", merging into one (Plays Saturday, Oct. 15th at 7:15pm and Sunday, Oct. 16th at 2:45pm)

FAUST Yet another retelling of that age-old tale of a man who sells his soul to the devil. Made famous by Goethe's play, this Russian film attempts to craft the story into an epic motion picture. (Plays Sunday, Oct. 16th at 9:30pm)

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