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Pop Montreal: Where to Eat (Part 1 of 4)

Posted by Sara / September 29, 2005

So, you spent most of your food budget for the week on Apologies to the Queen Mary, huh? But with all the tasty offerings at Pop Montreal over the next few days, you'll need your energy. What's a hipster to do?

We here at Midnight Poutine feel your pain, or at least we hear your tummy rumbling. So, without any further nonsense, here's a running guide to good and cheap eats around tonight's venues. Dig in! And, I'm sorry I called you a hipster back there.

Thursday, September 29:

Before you see Antony & the Johnsons at la Tulipe, pick a random greasy diner on Papineau and get something covered in gravy. Don't spill any on your fancy pants.

Got a ticket for the sold-our Interpol show at Metropolis? Gonna see Matt Mays at Cabaret? Our very own Cat Macpherson has a plan:

Best to head to Chinatown for cheap eats. Steamy bowls of pho at Pho Bac New York (970 St. Laurent) -- good for hydration! Yummy pancakes (shrimp, pork, scallion) at My Cahn (1086 St. Laurent) and other authentic Vietnamese specialties at Hue Imperiale (1053 St. Laurent). Hey, does anyone else feel like an anteater when drinking bubble tea? Vietnamese sandwiches at Hoan Oanh (1071 St. Laurent) are cheap and fast, just how you like it, yes you do. Or there's always Pho 2000 (223 Ste. Catherine E.), enjoyable for its menu translations. They serve 'home wine' (is that like having the 'home wine advantage'?).

En route to Devin the Dude and Chromeo at the Main Hall or K'Naan and Tumi at Club Soda, Cat says:

There is good roti to be had at Saveur des Tropiques in 'Le Corridor' (3655 St. Laurent). Also tucked in this secret, gastronomic corridor is Couscous Express. Both good bets as you make the mad dash north from Petit Campus to Main Hall. Patati Patata (corner of Rachel and St. Laurent) is tiny, dishevelled, but oh-so-cute and tasty (much like the assortment of young indie rockers around town). Get some fries and save me the wooden boxes. I'm collecting them for an as-yet-to-be-determined craft project, or possibly for kindling. And just try to walk by Coco Rico (3907 St. Laurent) without being seduced by the love that is a roasting chicken, just TRY! (Hush, vegetarians. Obviously this competition is not open to you.)

If you're going to see Billy Childish at Sala Rosa (4848 St. Laurent Blvd.), you've got a good excuse to indulge in sangria and tapas before heading upstairs--as if you need one. Must-haves include the garbanzo beans in garlicky tomato sauce, and the insanely rich fried goat cheese with caramelized onions and honey. If you're in a hurry, grab a gourmet sandwich across the road at Casa del Popolo.



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