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Pop Montreal: Where to Eat (Part 2 of 4)

Posted by Sara / September 30, 2005

So, you spent most of your food budget for the week on Apologies to the Queen Mary, huh? But with all the tasty offerings at Pop Montreal over the next few days, you'll need your energy. What's a hipster to do?

We here at Midnight Poutine feel your pain, or at least we hear your tummy rumbling. So, without any further nonsense, here's a running guide to good and cheap eats around tonight's venues. Dig in! And, I'm sorry I called you a hipster back there.

Friday, September 30:

If you're going to the Doctors without Borders benefit at ART en majuscule, you're SOL, food-wise. But it looks to be a yummy time nonetheless--Stars and the "new" and vastly improved Donkey Heart will make you forget what part of town you're in.

Whether you're seeing Nasty/NAS at Club Dome (ick), Joseph Arthur at Club Soda or the Dirtbombs/Deadly Snakes/Sunday Sinners at Cabaret, our resident gastronomer, Cat Macpherson, has a treat in store for you after the show:

Well, if you happen to find yourself at the St. Laurent- Ste. Catherine's crossroads (centre of the universe for some), there is the faithful line-up of "eateries" on the west side of St. Laurent, just south of Ste. Catherine's. From Resto Las Vegas to good ol' Frites Dorees, each one is more greasy, charming, lovable, disreputable and indistinguishable than the last since the orange wall with the vintage photos of Montréal wrestlers is no more.

Got a hankering for something rich before the decadent Black Mountain/East Van Porn Collective show at Theatre National? Cat sez:

Indian food should only be consumed in the city's more northern climes, but if you are in need of a sugar rush and you don't mind the fact that most Indian desserts taste like shampoo, Madina at 17 Ontario E. has tasty treats! Boucherie Sabra, next door, has meatier treats!

Yeah, we already mentioned Sala Rossa yesterday. But Cat knows it's the plan for Weird War and beyond:

Once you get to Sala Rossa (4848 St. Laurent), you're all set. Fabulous food, kitchen is open late, great bar an all-in-one hot spot for your aural and oral pleasures. And go back the next day for brunch. The huevos rancheros and buckwheat crepes make me very happy to be alive. Right now. Here (the Sala dining room). Today and everyday (well, weekends for brunch, that is).

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