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Pop Montreal: Where to Eat (Part 3 of 4)

Posted by Sara / October 1, 2005

So, you spent most of your food budget for the week on Apologies to the Queen Mary, huh? But with all the tasty offerings at Pop Montreal over the next few days, you'll need your energy. What's a hipster to do?

We here at Midnight Poutine feel your pain, or at least we hear your tummy rumbling. So, without any further nonsense, here's a running guide to good and cheap eats around tonight's venues. Dig in! And, I'm sorry I called you a hipster back there.

Saturday October 1:

Tonight's not the night for a fancy sit-down dinner. Get yourself a slice at Euro-deli (3619 St. Laurent) and head on over to Metric at Club Soda, Priestess at Petit Campus, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists at Sala Rossa, or Cuff the Duke/Adam Brown/ the dude with the beard at Cabaret.

En route, Cat adds:

Oh right. If you happen to be heading south on St. Laurent (and in my head, you're walking north on the east side, and south on the west side), you'll pass by--no, correction, you will stop at Ripples (3880 St. Laurent) for manna from heaven, in ice cream format. And for late night eats you just
can't knock the hours kept by The Main (3864 St. Laurent). Maybe knock the service (god love 'em), occasionally the food, definitely the cruel lighting, but not the hours.

Finally, Jardin du Cari (19 St. Viateur O.) is a must. Wonderful roti and curry plates, nice price, and open (allegedly) till 11pm Friday and Saturday. Be sure to get the stewed pumpkin with whatever else you decide to order! When prompted, the owner will extol the vitamin-and-mineralific virtues of pumpkin.

And speaking of vitamin and minerals, for god's sake try and pick yourselves up some fruit at some point! Apples, people. I cannot stress to you enough the importance of having apples to hand during this happy, snappy, marathon-go-round that is Pop Montreal. Apples are love. Apples clean your
teeth (remember the plethora of cute, rockin' hipsters close at hand), apples hydrate and fortify, apples make you feel healthier, and they are in season. Local apples are everywhere and they are crisp, clean, sweet, tangy, and they are love. Again, apples are love. Be the person at the show with the bag full of apples and you will win just as many fans and be just as hot as whomever happens to be on stage with an amp in front of 'em.

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