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Chips on the Road: Vico Crème/Fines Herbes

Posted by Sara / January 17, 2006

from Krista Muir, Foreign Chip Correspondant

Product Name: Vico (Nouveau)
Saveur: Crème/Fines Herbes
Best Before: 17-10-05

Although the name suggests something heavenly in the land of exotic chip flavours, Vico's "Crème Fraiche Fines Herbes" are nothing more than an ode to the North American "Sour Cream & Onion" flavour with the addition of a bizarre buttery aftertaste and a fancy French name. Yes, these European chips look more attractive than the average American chip, but do not be thrown off by the little spud on the bag sporting a straw toupee and running on eggs for legs - the best before date tastes better than the chips themselves.

Taste: 6.25/10
Look: 7/10
Name: 9/10

Other Cities: Toronto