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Chicago: Meat Porn in the Windy Apple

Posted by Sara / February 21, 2006

This week, intrepid MP foreign correspondents Dave Hill and myself braved the rough and thorough hands of customs officials to bring you the skinny on Chi-town, a vibrant and glittering metropolis that makes you want to spit on other American cities even more than usual.

I started jerking off to the online menu of the Chicago Diner a week before we left Montreal: barbeque wings, nachos especiales with chorizo, shepherd's pie, chickin' parmigiana and Philly cheesesteak... all soooo badass. And all 100% meat-free!

We made the trek to the diner, located far from our convention district hotel in the lovely, lively gay village, and settled into a cozy little booth with a fat pitcher of mango-peach margaritas. On the recommendation of our hunky hippy server, I chose the Reuben, an enormous contraption of corned beef, onions and Swiss cheese served on rye with creamy mashed potatoes and gravy. Dave, meat-eater and traitor to the revolution, had a veggie burger with bacon.

The food arrived disturbingly fast and outdid my wildest meat-fetishizing fantasies. No disrespect to our own very delicious and "meaty" Chu Chai, but it was really satisfying to once again taste the greasy "home" cookin' of my youth. Finding it impossible to part with my leftovers, I carried them with me throughout the evening, inhaling deeply to remind myself that it hadn't just been a delicious dream.

Dave's excellent photos illustrate one of the interesting historical features of the city; after the fire, many of the world's most creative architects were enlisted to rebuild the downtown and the skyline is distinctive and impressive, particularly when viewed from the lakefront.

Less visible is Chicago's lengthy history of radical organizing and brutal state repression, from the Haymarket anarchists to the Days of Rage. The local newscasts consistently managed to pay lip service to Black History Month without once mentioning the years of efforts by the Black Panthers to feed people and successfully end gang violence, or the 1969 assassination of Panther leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark by Chicago Police.

I always make time for a visit to the Art Institute. I'm not really "into" art or art history, but this collection never fails to blow my mind. I could spend days peering into Joseph Cornell's little boxes, giggling at Warhol's Mao, and pretending to be Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. They also have a delightful collection of gory religious art from medieval to modern times, including this awesome painting (part of a comic-like series) featuring John the Baptist's recently decapitated neck stump spurting blood.



Dan / February 22, 2006 at 09:39 am
HOT DOUG'S people, Hot fucking DOUG'S. It's not sausage. It's encased meats. They do things people should be *required by law* to do, such as, oh let's look at one of today's specials:

'Foie Gras and Sauternes Duck Sausage with Truffle Sauce Moutarde, Goat Cheese and Foie Gras "Butter"'

Like that right there. Now that you know of its existence, plain human decency pretty much forces you to visit, in the knowledge that people are creating such things somewhere near you.

That's at 3324 North California Street. For the love of god. You can get french fries that are fried in duck fat on the weekends. I mean please.

Hot Doug's. Recognize. Cause I've never been there.
Dave / February 22, 2006 at 01:15 pm
I must admit, Chicago is now one of the three US cities I could imagine actually moving to (after New York and San Francisco). The only draw back is that the winter is just as bad in Chicago as it is in Montreal. I'm talking cold as a Bastard!

Also, I will have you know that being a traitor to the revolution is a full time job. I hope you realize the work that goes into it!
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