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Ethnic Chip Gets the Vote

Posted by Cat / February 16, 2006

Is it the carefully balanced gustatorial trinity of ground ginger, cilantro essence, and lime oil? Or might it be the time-honoured blending of, not just three, but four different peppers? Whatever the precise nature of this culinary alchemy, Kettle Chips Spicy Thai flavour is perhaps the hands-down, all-time best, crunch-tastically amazing snack food in the currently saturated (or, in this case, monounsaturated) chips and crisps market.

Overall, Kettle Chips are one helluva chip; or, as the good folks at the Kettle Food's inspired website like to say, "Chips you still respect in the morning." Major points are awarded for Kettle's use of natural ingredients and the energy-conscious, sustainable manner in which they produce their products (the plant in Oregon boasts one of the largest solar energy arrays, and the company's vehicles are run on biodiesel, that is, distilled vegetable oils). Kettle brand also supports many environmental initiatives such as The Wetlands Conservancy and The National Wildlife Federation.

But honestly, does this really amount to a hill of beans, er, chips if the flavour just ain't there? Well the flavour is most definitely there, my crisp-loving friends. But don't just take my word for it. Saveur Magazine put Spicy Thai Kettle Chips on their annual list of all that's exciting and attention-worthy in the field of global gastronomica: The Saveur 100. As long as I can remember, in the entire history of my reading this magazine (which is only about 4 years, and my memory is not what it used to be) there has never been a potato chip listed in the Saveur 100. Not for issues of food snobbery though, no sir. This publication is taste-driven, in all senses of the word ("taste" that is, not "driven"). Again, don't just take my word, OR Saveur's word, for it. Try them. Try them NOW. And while you munch your way through your first, second, even third bag of Spicy Thai chips (remember: it's all-natural, this fat), all the while wondering why life suddenly seems a little brighter, a little lighter, and a little more manageable, you might opt to cast a vote for the next flavour to make it big in the Kettle family: their Happy Hour line of chips includes such sensations as "Spicy Mary", "Dirty Martini", and "Buffalo Bleu Cheese".



J Mac / February 17, 2006 at 06:09 pm
Spicy Thai is good, but I think Beer and Cheddar is better. I finished a bag of those in about 10 minutes yesterday, and later on I found myself cutting the bag into strips to better allow a thorough licking of all inner surfaces. I.e., they are good.
mike / February 20, 2006 at 11:10 pm
walkers "prawn cocktail" destroys all of the aboved mentioned chips.
J Mac / February 21, 2006 at 12:48 pm
You know, Mike, such narrow-minded chest-thumping is hardly befitting of someone ostensibly in charge of the blog's chip section. Like, aren't you supposed to be interested in the nuances of flavour and the continuing quest to create chips that are better and push the limits? The prawn cocktail chips "destroy" all others? <i>That's</i> your response? Super lame.
Cat / February 21, 2006 at 01:55 pm
Agreed. I have yet to taste the much-lauded Walker's "Prawn Cocktail", and wish to do so. As a throughtful food critic and culinary researcher, I have a curiosity, nay, a responsibility to provide as much objective coverage and assesment of each gustatorial treat as the english language - so sadly lacking in adequate epicureal adjectives - will allow. But such vacuous, meaningless statements as "Walker's Prawn Cocktail destroys all of the above mentioned chips" leaves me numb, and my tastebuds dulled where they should be excited. Why is it better? Describe it to me. Better yet, send a regular supply to me, so that I might continually assess its competition-destroying properties against newer chip flavours as they enter my life. There is no why, or how, in the above response. There is barely a who. Have you tried the above-mentioned chips? Did YOU lick the inside of the Walker's bag?
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