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Baked in Montreal – Churros at La Chapina and Supermarche Andes Gloria

Posted by Emily / August 16, 2007

“¿Cuanto cuestan los churros?” As soon as I uttered the last word my face turned red and the woman behind the counter at Supermarche Andes Gloria gave me a quizzical look. “¿Los churrrrrros?” she asked, letting her tongue roll over the r’s in the way that mine never could. “Si” I said, feeling deflated. I decided I’d practiced enough Spanish for the day.

Churros may be difficult to pronounce for Anglophones like me, but the humiliation is worth it. The long fried dough pastries, which are often filled with dulce de leche or caramel, are like Latin America’s answer to the doughnut. And personally, I’d take a churro over a doughnut any day. The churro’s shape allows the filling-to-dough ratio to be much higher than in doughnuts, making it moister and sweeter than anything from Tim Hortons.

I had my first churro last week after visiting El Amigo, where I saw the business card of a nearby Guatemalan bakery called La Chapina. When I asked the owner of La Chapina to recommend a sweet treat for my journey home, he suggested that I try a churro and politely ignored my inability to properly articulate the word. The churro had a light dough with lots of rich caramel filling. It was easy to eat one-handed and didn’t leave me with sticky or greasy fingers. I was hooked.

A couple of days later, I stopped in Supermarche Andes Gloria on St. Laurent to see how the churros there compared to La Chapina’s. Due to the large lunch crowd, the woman behind the counter was a little less patient with my broken Spanish than the owner of La Chapina had been, so I may be a little biased. With that in mind, I found that the churro from the Andean supermarket had too much sugar coating and not enough caramel filling. Granted, it was still awfully good.

Both La Chapina and Supermarche Andes Gloria had a wide selection of snacks and other unique foods. I loved La Chapina’s caramel corn, which is more like candy than popcorn. Unlike Cracker Jacks which retain their popcorn shape, the caramel corn had a thick, crunchy caramel coating surrounding little balls of popcorn. It was the perfect dessert after all those churros.

La Chapina; 1259 Bélanger East; (514)271-8146
Supermarche Andes Gloria; 4387 St. Laurent; (514)848-1078



TREVOR Q / August 31, 2007 at 12:31 PM

my attempt to make churros havenot been successful --they are not cooked in the middle .What am i doing wrong

Yasmeen / July 23, 2009 at 1:08 AM

j ai trouve ton site comme ca par hasard en cherchant pour une epicerie mexicaine. mais vraiment WOW!!! ca donne le gout de decouvrir les churros...thx pour les adresses :)

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