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Healthy Junk Food at Sunsource

Posted by Emily / August 21, 2007

I just ate a big bag of healthy junk food. Well, maybe ‘natural’ junk food would be a more appropriate description. After a trip to Sunsource boutique, I indulged my sweet tooth with a wide selection of dried and chocolate-covered fruits and nuts. And since sugar-coated fruit is (technically) still fruit, I kept those pangs of health-conscious guilt at bay.

Sadly, some of Sunsource’s treats are just too delicious to be entirely healthy. On my first visit to the boutique, I overdosed on dark chocolate-covered dried strawberries, but it was worth it. The strawberries and chocolate made the perfect bitter-sweet combination. The chocolate had a really intense flavor without a sour aftertaste.

A slightly more healthful snack was the honey-glazed roasted almonds with sesame seeds. According to Sunsource’s website, all of their nuts are freshly roasted. I’m not sure if I could actually taste the freshness, but the almonds made a nice crunchy medium on which to put the honey and just a hint of salt.

Sunsource had quite a few varieties of dried fruits and nuts, with flavors ranging from yummy to nauseatingly sweet. The dried mango and kiwi tasted exactly like the ones I buy at the grocery store, only a lot more expensive. The small chunks of papaya were so sweet that they tasted like sugar cubes. Overall, the shop’s most unique snacks seemed to be the tastiest. The granola was sweet and lightly toasted to give it the perfect degree of crunchiness.

The boutique offers lots of cutely packaged gift baskets, featuring fruits, nuts and chocolates. But as I discovered, some of the items are meant for decoration rather than consumption. When I purchased a bag of brightly-colored almonds, I expected to find more of the delicious dark chocolate under the rather ridiculous pink and blue candy shells. Unfortunately, chocolate made no appearance. The almonds tasted like someone had sucked the chocolate center out of an M&M.

Some of the confections at Sunsource were probably as bad for me (and as tasty) as a candy bar. But the shop has such a health-conscious ambiance that I felt healthier just by virtue of being there. After I finished my snacks of dried fruit and nuts, I was feeling virtuous, wholesome and peppy. Then again, that might have been a sugar-rush.

Sunsource Boutique Alimentaire; 90 Laurier West; (514)277-4444



Jill / August 22, 2007 at 01:10 pm
It sounds like the brightly-coloured almonds that you purchased are "Jordan almonds" or "sugared almonds" or "dragées" in French. They are supposed to be really hard like that (personally, I don't like them) but I know people who love them. They are popular in France at weddings and baptisms.
Ari / August 28, 2007 at 12:07 pm
Those almonds at SUNSOURCE are freshly roasted! So are the cashews, pistachios, macadamia nuts. I've seen them bring it to the store when they are literally out of the roaster and they are soooooo yummi! Shopped there for the first time last year at their WESTMOUNT store, and never looked back since. Best nuts in Montreal, by FAR! Try the roasted MACADAMIA nuts next time ;-) They are out of this world!
paige / August 28, 2007 at 01:11 pm
The image of the stores is rather fresh than healthy. They do have healthy nuts (raw) for all the health freaks out there!
You should go back to the store with a different perspective this time Emily and try the RAW walnuts!
Merle / August 28, 2007 at 01:56 pm
I find it interesting that a person would choose to eat sugar- and chocolate-covered items and then blame the vendor for their lack of nutrition. As for Sunsource's claim on freshness, you cannot deny that their product is the freshest you've ever tasted. Their almonds, pistachios and other nuts are roasted daily--no doubt some people are unfamiliar with the taste of "fresh" when they've been accustomed to large grocery store, pre-packaged tin cans sitting on a dusty shelf. I shop at Sunsource on regular basis and have benefitted from the many nutrients offered by their products. Of course, when I treat myself to the chocolate-covered goodies, I don't blame Sunsource for my sweet tooth.
Nut Doc. / August 29, 2007 at 12:09 pm
Sugar-coat it all you want, but a handful of nuts a day keeps the doctor away!!
Life in Mile-End hasnt been the same since this gem came to the neighbourhood.
Jean-Marc / August 29, 2007 at 05:57 pm
Sunsource offers us healthy & not-so healthy snacks. The choice is up to us. What is for sure is that they run the business with integrity, offer us variety, and always in an environment which is clean & friendly. I have been shopping at their Westmount store for over a year, and asking about a store in my own neighbourhood (Mile End). Now that it's here, we should support it and most of all cherish it. Articles like the one you wrote Emily don't do us any good! Maybe Kim should go in for a try and write a review of her own about Sunsource Laurier - She seems to know what she's writing about ;-)
maggymay / August 31, 2007 at 08:34 am
I was visiting family in Montreal recently when they excitedly told me, about Sunsource, the new addition to their neighbourhood. Curious, I tagged along with them for what has become a routine visit to stock up on Sunsource goodies. 3 lbs of jumbo pistachios later, armed with various chocolate-covered goodies and delightful pastries, I was hooked. The trouble is I live in TO and can't get my fix regularly as Sunsource has yet to cross the borders. So the family who owns/operates the 3 shops in Montreal, indulge me and take the time to ship packages of their superior product to me (which I gladly pay for). In the age of trendy today, gone tomorrow, Sunsource is here to stay with its winning combination of old world charm (family-owned business, superior product, hospitable staff) and their new world sensibilties (fair trade coffee, jute bags, chic decor and eye-catching branding of products, all available on-line for those of who, sadly, don't have a Sunsource close-by). I'm here to spread the Sunsource cheer!
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