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Making Up for Lost Time: Padaria e Pastelaria Nossa Senhora do Rosario

Posted by Emily / October 24, 2007


It’s kind of funny how our tastes change as we get older. When I was a kid, I absolutely loathed all things creamy. I scraped the filling out of my Oreos before I ate them. I scooped the cheese out of my cannoli and smeared it on my plate. If my hot chocolate had even a dollop of whipped cream floating on top, I didn’t want it. And custard actually grossed me out.

I know. I was deranged.

Nowadays, I know that a life without cream and custard is no life at all. That’s why my new favorite Portuguese bakery is Pastelaria Rosario. If your diet is at all lacking in egg yolks, milk, or cream, a trip to Rosario’s will set you right.


Rosario makes a mean custard, and she knows it. The stuff makes an appearance in most of the bakery’s tastiest treats in various quantities. Anyone with fully developed taste buds would swoon over the amazingly creamy egg tarts. With a layer of burnt sugar on top and a crispy, buttery pie crust on the bottom, the tarts are like little crème brulée pies.

And then there’s the cake. Light, moist layers of yellow cake are separated by (what else?) custard. The bakery sells the cake in thick slices which may look big enough to share, but they’re not. Sometimes, it’s worth it to be selfish.

Rosario also makes a treat which does not lend itself to succinct description. It’s kind of like a muffin, only smaller and richer. It’s kind of like coffee cake, only crunchier on top. The muffin-shaped cakes have a hard, sugary coating and are almost too sweet to be eaten during the muffin-appropriate hours of the morning, but not quite. I also tasted (read: gobbled up in two bites) a large coconut macaroon. Both of these little treats are very yummy, they just need some custard.

Thank goodness I eventually got over my custard phobia. Maybe that’s why I’m so addicted to Rosario’s – I’m making up for all those sad custardless years. Yeah…that’s why.

But thinking back on all the weird dietary restrictions I had as a five year old makes me wonder if there are any kinds of food that I simply wouldn’t try nowadays. I’ve heard they eat crickets in Mexico, but as long as they’re dead that doesn’t sound so bad…especially if they’re covered in chocolate or something. Still, I doubt even the most delicately prepared insects could measure up to an egg tart from Rosario’s.

Padaria e Pastelaria Nossa Senhora do Rosario
227 Rachel East
Rosario’s is open every day from 8am to 8pm.



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