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20 pounds of apples a day...

Posted by Jennifer / October 1, 2009

20093009- applepicking.JPGI have the luxury of having a dear friend in the city who recently acquired a car. For me, in autumn, this meant that one thing had to happen: a trip outside of the city to pick me some apples.

The car and its driver took me first through Hudson, a lovely town west of Montreal. We drove along the coast spotted with gigantic homes, happy families, and the sporadic biking duo. On the non water side was one beautiful farm after another. The trip through Hudson, aside from getting me out of the city, was made to catch the ferry that would take us (and the car!) to Oka, the place where the magic was to happen. (For a point of reference, Oka is home to those lovely gourds and pumpkins hanging outside of the Mont Royal metro, as well as the infamous 2004 highway block).

Most of Oka's orchards seemed to be on one street, and all but one were closed by our late afternoon arrival. This orchard, small, and next to the larger Verger Coeur de Pomme, was apparently more famous for its pears than apples. We picked both - fourteen dollars for 24 pounds and ninety minutes of fun. The owner took us aboard his tractor - we sat upon sofa cushions on the back - to the centre of the orchard, where he introduced his apples, recommended we play in the woods, and said goodbye.

20093009- applepicking2.JPG The apples were tasty, plentiful, and easy to reach. We stayed until the sun set and we could no longer see, and then ventured into the small town for dinner. Oka appeared to have a total of three restaurants - one Thai, one pizza, the last a steak place - and several casse-croutes. We chose the pizza, at Resto Al Dente. Almost every offering was slathered in Oka cheese, and cost more than we were happy to pay, but satisfying and tasty enough. A large pizza, Caesar salad, and half litre of wine came to $40.

Verdict? Loads of autumn fun, but a car is a definite must. Save your dinner dough for the cheese factory. Oka cheese is pretty famous after all.

Resto Al Dente
16, rang L'Annonciation, Oka



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