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Euro-Deli Batory

Posted by Stefan / September 15, 2010

euro deli 2.jpgThe word "deli" is thrown around a lot in this city. Rye bread, pastrami (smoked meat if you're lucky), fries, and pickles are standard fare. While some are great, most would more properly be called deli-style, deli-inspired, or--in some sad instances--Dunn's-light. Even the better downtown delis have either a bistro feel, or a schlocky fixation with a very shallow kind of authenticity. Thankfully, Euro-Deli Batory both breaks with the typical Montreal deli format, and totally lives up to its name. euro deli 1.jpgEuro-Deli Batory is tiny. There's room for about ten people to eat in, so don't come with a crowd. The tables are usually rammed with a strange mix of crusty old Eastern European men and über-affected hipsters. In other words, it's a perfect cross-section of the neighborhood. Orders are placed at the counter with little fanfare, though the menu is rich. There are at least six different kinds of soup, and all of them fantastic. The main plates are heavy: pierogies, cabbage rolls, bigos, sausage, etc. If you've had the grocery story variety of any of these items, don't assume you know what they are. The Polish platter (for one or two) offers a little bit of everything, and is guaranteed to immobilize you. It's delicious, cheap, and prepared with perfect Eastern European indifference to presentation.

If there's no room to sit, you can order food to go, or buy frozen items to take home with you. There's a good selection of kiełbasa (I recommend the smoked kiełbasa), desserts, breads, confectionaries, pickles, jams, mustards, dried goods (barley, etc.) pickled herring, and other solid deli standards.

Don't come here expecting to order smoked meat or fries. But if you're looking for hearty Polish food, there's no better deli in town. euro deli 3.jpgEuro-Deli Batory
115 Saint-Viateur Rue W (corner St. Urbain)
(514) 948-2161
The hours are ahead.
Photos by Mike Lock'em-Up Lockner



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