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Ben & Jerry's Cookie Cookie Sundae; Free Cone Day April 12th

Posted by Amie / April 9, 2011

Ben and Jerry's Cookie Cookie Sundae and Free Cone DayThere are two reasons to go to Ben & Jerry's this week: "Free Cone Day" is April 12th from noon to 8pm, so you can stand in a huge line for a free scoop or cream, butter and all natural goodness. The second reason (though you can do it any day this summer, not just this week) is to pay full price for an impressive-sounding "Cookie Cookie Sundae" (pictured above in an ad and in real life) that combines Monsieur Felix and Mr. Norton cookies with a scoop and a half of any of the new or traditional flavours, and your choice of sauces and toppings.

But are either of these activities worth your time and money? Midnight Poutine gathered a highly-trained team of ice cream eaters (myself and Margot) to investigate...

What's Wrong With Free Ice Cream?

Nothing! But the line-ups will be crazy. You'll have a long time to think about which flavour you want, from the ever-popular Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey to the 8 new fair-trade ones (only ingredients that can be purchased as 'fair-trade' are actually fair trade, so in the vanilla toffee crunch the vanilla is fair-trade. They also certify their chocolate, coffee, and sugar) to the not-so-fairly-traded 'Late Night Snack' (vanilla bean ice cream, salty caramel swirl, and fudge-covered potato chips. The day we went was early in the ice cream season, so not many of the flavours were in, sadly. That shouldn't be the case on Tuesday. Ben and Jerry's FlavoursThe Monkland Ben & Jerry's even has activities planned to entertain line-waiters, and draw prizes for catered ice cream parties, free ice creams, and custom cakes.
There will also be people walking around requesting donations for ONEXONE, a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of children here in North America and Haiti, so if you donate you'll essentially just be buying a cone and having the money go to a worthwhile cause. It's not exactly free, but it's still a good thing.
Ben and Jerry's Felix and NortonWhat's a Cookie Cookie Sundae?

From the title you'd think it'd be two giant cookies surrounding a massive amount of ice cream all smothered in syrupy deliciousness,'s actually three cookies (though we were originally told it would be 5, which just seemed crazy and amazing). Three is still better than two, right? Well, the cookies are kind of small, so three wasn't as exciting as it should have been...Ben and Jerry's Felix and Norton Cookies
Maybe these ones were just made smaller? I mean, they were alright. They were soft, and we got one of each of the kinds they had that day: macademia nut and white chocolate, dark chocolate chunk, and menage-a-trois (milk, dark, and white chocolate pieces). Pity the poor soul that opts for the oatmeal raisin cookie in the cookie cookie sundae. Go find a date square at some vegan cafe...

I digress...

On top of your ice cream you get your choice of caramel or hot fudge sauce (or both) on top, so that's pretty swell, and then you can also choose from M&Ms, oreo bits, reese's pieces, and all the little sprinkles you desire, which almost makes up for the disappointing cookies.

But you finish this thing and you don't feel stuffed and gluttonous, having just eaten a grand total of something like 40 grams of fat - 16 grams in a scoop of vanilla plus 6 grams per cookie
16 + (3 x 6) = 34
plus sauces and toppings - which is kind of disappointing since you will probably continue to feel hungry after which can lead to actually wanting to eat more food, which will lead to you probably feeling very sick. So save the Cookie Cookie Sundae purchase for a day when your "Super Scooper" may be slightly less pre-occupied with serving a million people at once and his mighty arm may be more willing to scoop you a little extra ice cream or a few more sprinkles to at least satisfy your indulgence.

There are a few Ben & Jerry's in the city where you can get a free cone/wait in line this Tuesday. If you want to wait on a scenic stretch of street, check out the Monkland or Maisonneuve location. Both will be packed like sardines, which is fortunately not a flavour option...stick with fair-trade chocolate and full-fat chocolate chip cookie dough.

Ben & Jerry's Monkland Scoop Shop
5582 Monkland (at Marcil)
514-488-6524 or the Monkland Facebook page



Margot / April 11, 2011 at 05:58 pm
Though I'm not necessarily a trained ice cream eater, I can definitely say that it was a fine sundae. And with a forecasted high of 13 and sunny skies tomorrow, standing in line for free ice cream is probably the best possible way to spend your afternoon tomorrow.
Atlanta Roofing / April 12, 2011 at 10:36 pm
If you've never been to this, you should go! It's fun and since Ben & Jerry's shops do this each year, they have it down to a science. The line moves very quickly and there are plenty of places to sit and enjoy your treat.
The Sauce of Life / May 2, 2011 at 08:24 am
That looks deadly! I am a B&J's fan from way back, but recently the fat/sugar overload has been a little much for me. I tried <a href="";>Ripples</a> last week and found it had the 'indulgence' kick without the sickening feeling after. Nice one though!
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