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Drinking Habits, Descartes, and La Grande Degustation

Posted by Amie / October 18, 2011

la grande degustation, montreal wineI swear this is about wine events coming up in Montreal, but lets start at a 17th Century dinner party.

So Descartes was at a dinner party and the host was offering drinks to all the guests.

Host: "Would you like a drink, Descartes?"

Descartes: "I think not," Descartes replied, and then he disappeared.

Moral of the story? Drink more. To that end, here are my suggested drinking locations for the next 3 weeks:

1. The Salon des Vins et Fromages du Quebec happening this weekend. Wine AND cheese, and the cheapest of the events ($12 for entry and some tasting coupons, and shmoozing your way to some extra pours isn't tough).

2. La Grande Dégustation, next week - October 27th, 28th, or 29th. It's like "La Grande Séduction" but with better tasting medicine and fewer doctors since red wine is good for the heart and all.

And if you don't want wine that's okay too because there'll be lots of whiskies. Probably even better than the ones that sit in my parents' liquor cabinet and only get used when I come home at Christmas and make syrup-soaked cookies. Some things are just not worth drinking, especially after you've tasted better. Snobbish? Yes. Delicious Greek melomakorona cookies? Also yes.

3. Private Import Wine Salon happening the week after. Montreal really doesn't lack for wine events, does it? I suppose you could go to any or all of them, but La Grande Dégustation is all new and shiny. It's just turning zero. Some people think babies are great. Some don't.

La Grande Dégustation

Where: Palais de Congrès, metro Place d'Armes

When: Thurs, Oct. 27 4pm - 9pm; Fri, Oct. 28 noon - 9pm; Sat, Oct. 29 noon - 9pm

How Much: $15 admission, plus tasting coupons

Salon des Vins et Fromages du Quebec

Where: Complexe Desjardins, metro Place d'Armes or Place-des-Arts

When: Fri, Oct. 21 11am-9pm; Sat, Oct 22 11am-8pm; Sun, Oct. 23 11am-5pm

How Much: Option A - 12 $ (taxes incluses), including entrance and 15 tasting coupons or Option B - $20 for entrance and 30 tasting coupons

Private Importation Expo

Where: Marché Bonsecours, metro Champs-de-Mars

When: Sun, Nov. 6 noon - 7pm; Mon, Nov. 7 4pm - 7pm

How Much: $15 general public, $5 restaurant/wine industry professionals



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