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Montreal's Best 5 a 7 Happy Hours

Posted by Amie / November 18, 2011

Montreal's Bst happy hour 5 a 7It's starting to feel like that time of year when it's real nice to curl up in a warm bar/pub/restaurant with a glass/bottle/snack of something of warm and delicious. The problem is deciding where to go and having the pocketbook for it. That's why these carefully-chosen categories are here to help you figure it out. Much like for Montreal's Best Desserts, this was a tough assignment. My liver was a lot less happy about it than my taste-buds.

Best Montreal Happy Hour at KafeinBest Seasonal Cocktail and $5 Special:
This relaxed downstairs lounge on Bishop Street has the best $5 special from 5pm-8pm. Around Hallowe'en I was so impressed by their pumpkin spice cocktail with spiced rum, Disaronno, and house-made pumpkin syrup (real pumpkin cooked down with sugar syrup, puréed, and sieved into dessert in a glass). Getting into the Christmas season, a sweet vermouth, red wine, cinnamon, and house-made (it's a theme, this house-made syrups and infusions things) ginger-honey syrup creation that tasted like mulled wine but better. Fresh ginger for kick, vermouth for purity, and they actually used a decent red wine. Want to bet your favourite sangria place or that cheap glass of mulled wine doesn't use something only sort of red and wine-ish from a box or an extremely low-quality bottle?

So you can't bank on either the pumpkin or mulled wine cocktail being available, but the special of the day is a safe bet. The regular cocktail menu is also generally stellar, though a little pricier ($7-$9). Their margarita comes with orange blossom water (though I couldn't taste it), the Aviation comes with Elderflower syrup, and the sour comes with your "poison-of-choice". Hopefully, soon to be hard-to-find pisco. They also do a stellar Manhattan for all the Cinzano snobs out there.

And $14 pitchers of Boréale for all the definitely not Cinzano snobs out there.

Best Montreal happy hour and antipasti at KafeinPeanuts are free during happy hour at Kafein, but the house antipasti board ($15) is perfect for the slightly classier days and is more than enough to share. Heaps of Italian salumi (like salami, but involving more kinds of cured meat than just the one), Quebec goats milk cheese, not-from-a-can olives, grapes, pistachios and walnuts with onion jam, Dijon mustard and grilled focaccia.

Plan b
From the owners of Bily Kun, this is a cool place for a cocktail, glass of wine, port, or a pint. Everyone's welcome, but it's like the cool kids didn't get the notice that less cool people were welcome too, so we're all free to cavort with the beautiful local celeb-types. It's not cheap, and there's not really a happy hour special, but you'll find the place packed every weekday with young professional type's of all sorts. Bitburger JR and Scottish Black Watch on tap next to Cheval Blanc and the usual Ste-Ambroise and Griffon suspects.

Best Mason Jar of Booze
La Distillerie
Super expensive, but the kind of place where you drink one mason jar of mojito, wince when you see the $17 price tag, love it, think you can handle another drink...(you don't wince the second time at the $8.50 price tag on the Sailor's Wet Dream - Sailor Jerry, Kahlua, Crème de banane, pineapple juice, cream, and allspice)

...and another ($17 Trempette Flamande du Dr Terreur - "Flemish Dip of Dr. Terror" with whiskey, Amarula cream, egg white, bitters, Orgeat syrup - almond, sugar, and rose or orange flower water - and enough black beer to knock you on your ass all by itself without the first cocktail and the second martini thrown in). Noy were you wrong. It was all the fault of that menu that was like a newspaper, all wholesome and quaint, enticing you into believing the drinks weren't dangerous. Hopefully you get home or grab a burger and a glass of water at La Paryse next door before the sugar headache kicks in. I dare you to not enjoy yourself at La Distillerie, though. There are a lot of happy people. And stuff gets lit on fire. And that's always fun when it involves the bartenders and it's intentional, not accidental.


Best Litre of Canadian:
1/2 off Canadian private import bottles of wine (ex: $60 bottles for $30) between 5 and 7. Yes, if you stay for dinner the house-made pappardelle with slow-cooked rabbit ragu or the blood sausage in all its glory will cost as much as that wine, but if you can reign in your appetite and just share a snack it's an incredible steal. Best: A multi-page Canadian wine list that highlights big names coming out of Ontario and BC.
Montreal Wine Happy HourBest Glass of Wine (Quality vs. Price):
Le Comptoir Charcuteries et Vins
There's no discount for happy hour here but the prices are so good anyway that I'm perfectly happy to drink a $6 glass of delicious, natural, low or zero-sulfite wine knowing that I'm not pumping myself up with added sugars, preservatives, and other chemicals. $10 for a small plate of salty and delicious charcuterie platter made in-house to go with it isn't a bad option either. Bring on the bread!

You're going to need a reservation; this place is popular, especially the bar overlooking the open kitchen. Foodies, cooks, and hipsters unite.

Daily happy hour specials mean $5 on those above-mentioned natural wines (it's almost healthy), or trio of tasting selections. Best deal: $15-$24 for three 2 oz. glasses chosen by the sommelier for a mix of white, red and maybe sparkly or sweet all either from the same producer or the same area or the same type of grape. They have a snack menu too, and while $8 is a bit much for simply grilled vegetables, these are at least very good vegetables.


Best Beer (Quality vs. Price):
Dieu du Ciel
There's just no competition here. I think there used to be a special here on glasses and pints at happy hour, but now everything's regular price all the time. Maybe I just imagined the discount because I always left so happy. So many delicious Belgians. Better on tap than from one of the fine Montreal depanneurs that sell the DdeC bottles.

La SuccursaleRunner-up:
La Succursale
Why? Tasting quartet of the house options for under $10. They do fancy food stuff too - gastropub-y options - but it's discovering the the Petite-Cote (a Kolsh-style German blonde), the Succursale (amber, caramel-y), the Blanche (it'll make you cry for summer, but maybe you're not as emotional as I am. Many a strong beer-drinker has fallen victim to a good blanche, though), and the Angus IP "AAA" (IPA to the max - beefy, I guess, is a decent way to describe it).La Succursale

2nd Runner-up:
Le Cheval Blanc
You know this is a friendly place to come for beer because their website cheers-es you when you enter. Super bitter, dark India Noire Harvest or fruit sour cherry porter. Plus savoury popcorn for $2.50 - definitely the cheapest brewpub snack around 2nd to Les Trois Brasseurs' free peanuts.

Best Gastro-Beer (Non-divey with food):

Reservoir is a packed restaurant at lunch, dinner, and brunch, but come 5pm you can actually snag a table at this cosy nook on Duluth. It's also a micro-brewery, which is unique for an upscale kind of place, and starting at 5 each day there's very affordable snack menu to go with your pint: fries with horseradish sauce ($4), grilled cheese sandwich with gruyère, apple butter, and marinated onions ($7 - add $1.50 for extra lard...) Perfect with a pint of Noire (barley and coffee) or the bitter, malty and fruit-finished Scotch Ale.


My Irish Roommate's Favourite Place to Drink like an Irishman (Best Irish Pub Happy Hour):

On Crescent, he votes for the Irish Embassy or Hurley's. I remember him coming back pretty happy from a good few nights at those. But he also says they're kind of expensive for a pint, which is "very important to an Irish room mate, though its easy staggering distance home."

Honey Martin's
on Sherbrooke was his best pint of Guinness in Montreal, he says, noting that they also have Smithwicks, a "nice red Irish beer".

My Irish Roommate's Favourite Place to Drink (Best Cheap Beer and Music):
Keeping in mind the distance/price rule of my Irish roommate's drinking experience, he says he likes Piranha Bar on Ste-Catherine by the Eaton Centre. It's a dive, but there's cheap beer (often 2-for-1 Tremblay during the hockey games) and loud, energetic music - anything from punk and rockabilly to metal and goth.

On another music-related note, his favourite bar in general is Foufounes Electriques since the beer is ridiculously cheap always and the sound system is class.


Best Place to Pick Up a MusiquePlus VJ:
$4.75 pints of Belle Guelle, Cheval Blanc and the house beer from 4pm-7pm Monday to Friday. It's also a good after-concert place to go. Might work out for you better than it did for me. At least I have the memories AND at least there was good beer involved. That's the less sappy way to say I support this place and its pick-up power.

Best Romantic Happy Hour:
La Buvette Chez Simone
It's kind of impossible to see the sign for this place, so just go into the place on avenue du Parc with the full tables and happily drinking and eating people. Affordable (good) food, affordable (very good) wine, a packed house, and ambiance to boot.

The Burgundy Lion

Whoa, whoa, whoa. That's a rowdy pub, right? It's all about the timing. Turns out they do a respectable, bring your parents-type brunch on the weekends where pints are encouraged, and the place turns into a mad house in the evening, but around 5pm it's a relatively calm, post-work or post-class beer/date spot. Expect a waiting list for a table and a very friendly crowd at the bar. Hey, if your date doesn't work out...

Best. Cheap. Date. Ever. (aka nachos and beer):
Maybe not everyone's best date ever, but you know she or he is a keeper!
Student-friendly, vegetarian, sometimes organic bar and restaurant with floor cushions, rugs, and quasi-bedding that desperately needs a washing machine. Live music most nights with free cover - just what every UQAM student wants. What more could you ask for? Oh, cheap beer. Yeah, they have that. Nachos? They have those too.

Best Fancy Hotel Bar and Celebrity-Watching Happy Hour:
The Hyatt Regency
You generally wouldn't think of going to a hotel bar for a night out, but come summer, especially in Just for Laughs season, the Hyatt Regency Bar is the place to be. Mostly it gets hopping late at night, but the drinks are potent, fancy, and expensive at all hours (thus delicious). It's worth it for the free flaxseed-studded super salty crackers that are impossible to stop shoveling into your mouth. One drink here and I spent the whole evening wondering why my head hurt but also being amazed at how delicious Chambord and Prosecco are together. Chic-chic? Yes, but if the crackers don't do it for you, the service will. But seriously, who isn't sold on the crackers? Oh, and the celebrities. I met a comedian in an elevator here once. It went a little something like this:

So I get into the elevator up to main lobby from the entrance in the parking garage with this guy with a guitar on his back. Like two polite total strangers we awkwardly avoid eye contact for the excruciatingly long one-floor trip. Since he has a guitar I think about starting a conversation because he's clearly from out of town and probably a nice person, what with being a musician and all, but then I remember that I'm polite and Canadian and it's my job to keep my mouth shut and follow elevator etiquette rules and not disturb anyone in the slightest. That is, until he mumbles something unintelligible and we get into one of those conversations that have clearly started but neither person knows if those were actual words or some strange sort of strangling/throat-clearing, and neither person involved knows where to take it. Anyway, much foot-in-mouth-putting later, he turns out to be a comedian and he was probably so embarassed about the throat-clearing start to the conversation that he gives me two free tickets to his comedy show later that night. Which just goes to show...well, I suppose it just goes to show that even awkward people have good things happen to them all the time, and sometimes those things happen at the Hyatt Regency bar or elevator. Your choice. And odds are you're less stupid than me, and as my mom would say: "Stupider people than you have done it." So go drink an $11 cocktail and stumble upon some celebrities.

Oh, and they have a gorgeous outdoor terrasse that makes you feel like a rockstar even though you didn't just meet one in the elevator.

Where: 1429a rue Bishop
When: Mon-Thurs 9am-1am, Fri 9am-3am, Sat noon-3am, Sun noon-6pm

Plan b
Where: 327 Mont-Royal East
When: Daily 3pm-3am

La Distillerie
Where: 300 Ontario East, 2047 Mont-Royal East, 2656 rue Masson
When: Daily 4pm-3am
514-288-7915, 514-523-8166, 514-528-9846

Where: 355 rue Marguerite d'Youville
When: Lounge open Tues-Thurs 5pm-10:30pm, Fri 5pm-11:30pm, Sat 6pm-11:30pm

Le Comptoir Charcuteries et Vins
Address: 4807 boul. st-laurent
When: Daily 5pm-midnight, lunch Tues-Fri noon-2pm, brunch Sun 10:30am-2pm

Where 5245 boul. st-laurent
When: Daily 5pm-midnight

Dieu du Ciel
Where: 29 Laurier West
When: Daily 1pm-3am

La Succursale
Where: 3188 rue Masson
When: Mon-Tues 3pm-1am, Wed-Thurs 3pm-3am, Fri-Sat 1pm-3am, Sun 1pm-1am

Le Cheval Blanc
Where: 80 rue Ontario East
When: Mon-Sat from 3pm, Sun from 5pm

Where: 9 Duluth East
When: Mon from 3pm, Tues-Fri from noon, Sat-Sun from 10:30am

Where: 1225 rue Crescent
When: Daily

The Irish Embassy Pub & Grill
Where: 1234 rue Bishop
When: Daily

Le Piranha Bar
Where: 680 Ste-Catherine West
When: Daily

Foufounes Electriques
Address: 87 Ste-Catherine East
When: Daily 4pm-3am

Where: 1250 Bleury
When: Daily

La Buvette Chez Simone
Where: 4869 avenue du Parc
When: Daily from 4pm

The Burgundy Lion
Where: 2496 rue Notre-Dame west
When: Mon-Fri 11:30am-3am, Sat-Sun 9am-3am

Where: 522 Ste-Catherin East
When: Daily

The Hyatt Regency SIX Resto-Lounge
Where: 1255 rue Jeanne-Mance
When: Daily from noon



Andres_Canella / November 18, 2011 at 02:28 pm
Epic. Obviously far from complete (that would require an encyclopedic publication), but still epic. Oh, and as a Guinness aficionado, I'm going to have to throw my support behind Hurley's. They have the highest turnover rate which is the most important factor for a pint of black.
guest / November 18, 2011 at 02:49 pm
i'm pretty sure dieu de ciel got rid of their happy hour a couple of years ago, are you sure about their 5 à 7?...seems like no matter when we're there between 4-8pm it's always full price pints! and it's always packed anyways, maybe they figured they didn't need it to entice people.
Beeg / November 18, 2011 at 05:32 pm
How could you omit Pulman?
Amie / November 18, 2011 at 10:09 pm
Do you think it's better than Le Comptoir or BU?
Campayne / November 18, 2011 at 11:26 pm
My favorite place for cocktails in Montreal is "Le Lab, comptoire a cocktails" , 1351 rue Rachel Est halfway across Parc La Fontaine. Great drinks, friendly bartenders, quel ambiance. Check out the video at <a href=""; rel="nofollow"><;/a> Never seen them do that cirque style stuff, but it shows the guys who are there,
Amie / December 8, 2011 at 08:24 pm
Wow, their menu is pretty amazing. I've only seen flair bartending in videos and movies. Do they have an actual happy hour? Or is every hour happy there? Price-wise and otherwise. / November 5, 2012 at 05:17 pm
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It doesn't produce any harmful gases that will damage environment.

In this generator, magnets will generate energy which is usable in almost any condition. The cost of possessing this power generator is not high whatsoever.

It is the cheapest source of power generation nowadays in this
era of technology. The main thing within this generator is really a magnet which works plus a small wheel.

As you are already aware that it must be cost free and there is no
third party linked to installing this generator, so you won't need any maintenance from some expert.
You can maintain it all on your own by cleaning it
at regular intervals. This is the perfect thing to set in your house like a electric source.
It can hold the energy sufficient to take care of every one of the appliances with the house.
A family of four to six is extremely suitable for such a energy generation device.

No harmful rays with no complex electric motors are participating
here and that means you shouldn't bother about the protection of your family and
friends. Unlike other free electric generation devices,
this won't need any solar power or wind. It will develop its own without any method to obtain external natural energy.
Weather will not likely modify the performance or generation of one's using this magnetic generator.
As it doesn't rely on any external source so this could be an uninterrupted source of power generation.

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The Positive Effects of Reiki on the Human Body

Reiki is known for its positive results about the human body.
However, lots of people of people who never have yet experienced its power know very well what exactly Reiki does and what its
benefits are. If you are considering the way in which Reiki may help you, then keep reading and find
out what Reiki are able to do for your health, mind and soul.

1. Increases one's body's capacity to heal itself. Normally, our bodies carries a defense system which functions good as long as
the Ki flow isn't interrupted. When the Ki has stopped being capable to flow through the
body, illnesses and diseases can seem. Reiki stimulates the flow of positive energy,
thus enabling one's body to heal itself and fight the bodily
and mental attacks more efficiently.
2. Cleans the body of toxins. Because it acts on the human body, it is one of
the few complete detox programs one can possibly follow. In addition to that
no involve refraining from food or some other kind of activity.

Yet, mental poison should be banned from the individual's mind because they
could have a negative impact upon the treatment.
3. Promotes health, positive thoughts and relaxation. The principles of Reiki count on positive
thinking, thus a peace of mind and relaxation is
induced for the individual. By removing negative energy and promoting a
feeling of peace, the recovery process will likely be easier and shorter,
regardless of the illness or disease where the consumer suffers.

4. Works about the gastrointestinal system and increases the benefic effects of every thing an individual ingests, from food and water to medicines and curative herbs.
Thus, it may be successfully used as being a complementary therapy for all those already taking medicine,
but at the same time it really is great for
maintain the person's health in good parameters.
5. Works on personal feelings, helping people overcome negative experiences using
their lives and handling unexpected or unpleasant situations using their lives.
People with depressions, anxieties or being affected by stress is able
to see dramatic improvements with their conditions following the Reiki sessions.

6. Makes the transition from life to death less difficult.

It helps the soul transcend into immortality and the body feel less suffering from this transformation. This is why many Reiki adepts make use of the Ki to make
their transition from world to a new smoother.

Reiki offers healing for many varieties of bodily conditions, as well as the spiritual problems.
It is like a companion for all those people short of funds,
nevertheless it may also relieve healthy people from
quotidian stress and problems.

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The Positive Effects of Reiki on the Human Body

Reiki is known for its positive results for the
human body. However, a lot of people of those that
have not yet experienced its power know what exactly Reiki does and what its final results are.
If you are thinking about the way Reiki can assist you, then keep reading and find out what
Reiki can perform for your body, mind and soul.
1. Increases the body's capacity to heal itself. Normally, the body includes a defense system which functions
good provided that the Ki flow just isn't interrupted.

When the Ki is no longer able to flow through your body, illnesses and diseases can be
displayed. Reiki stimulates the flow of positive energy, thus
enabling the body to heal itself and fight the bodily and mental attacks more effectively.

2. Cleans one's body of most toxins. Because it acts about
the human body, it is one of the few complete detox programs one can possibly follow.

In addition to that it doesn't involve refraining
from food or another type of activity. Yet,
mental poison should be banned from your individual's mind since they will have
a negative impact upon the procedure.
3. Promotes health, positive thoughts and relaxation. The principles of Reiki depend
on positive thinking, thus a reassurance and relaxation is induced on the individual.
By removing negative energy and promoting a sense
peace, the recovery process will likely be easier and shorter, regardless of the illness or disease
from which the average person suffers.
4. Works around the gastrointestinal system and raises the benefic results of
anything somebody ingests, from food and water to medicines and curative herbs.
Thus, it is usually used successfully being a complementary therapy for all those already taking medicine,
but concurrently it really is great for maintain the consumer's health in good parameters.

5. Works on personal feelings, helping people conquer negative experiences from their
lives and dealing with unexpected or unpleasant
situations from their lives. People with depressions, anxieties
or struggling with stress is able to see dramatic improvements of these conditions following the Reiki sessions.

6. Makes the transition from life to death less difficult.
It helps the soul transcend into immortality and our bodies feel less being affected by this transformation. This is why many Reiki
adepts use the Ki to create their transition in one world to another smoother.

Reiki offers healing for those types of bodily conditions, as
well as the spiritual problems. It is like a closest friend for all those people in need of assistance, nevertheless it also can relieve healthy people from quotidian stress and

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