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Mutek 2013 Day 3: Photo Recap

Posted by Luc / June 1, 2013

mutek day 3 139 Onra.JPG

Mutek 3 day. Yesterday I caught MacGuffin at Experience 3, followed by Boundary, EmptySet, Jon Hopkins, Onra, Robert Hood and Graze at Nocturne 3. I also caught a part of the art project Les Emballés. What I missed: A/VISION 3, Play 3, and Dromos ( is the last day!).

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Mutek 2013 Day 2: Photo Recap

Posted by Luc / May 31, 2013

mutek day 2 161 Jamie Lidell.JPG

I finally made it out to Mutek last night and caught the second half of A/Visions 2 + a good chunk of Nocturne 2. What I (regrettably) missed: the panels, projections, and Dromos. The people watching outside of la SAT was pretty great though. Check back tomorrow for a more extensive Day 3 Recap!

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Groove until sunrise: Mutek 2013 PREVIEW

Posted by Luc / May 29, 2013

Mutek returns for its 14th year, and promises another 5 days full of lights, sounds, displays, experiences, and above all else, music. Officially, it's known as the International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music.

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Pouzza Fest 2013: Day Three

Posted by Christine / May 20, 2013

20130519-ArlissNancyUSE.JPG At 11:45 p.m. last night, I positioned myself by the stage to watch Fire Next Time's energetic Pouzza Fest set at Pub St. Ciboire.

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CTZNSHP talk new album and tour in 2013

Posted by Greg / February 25, 2013

20130225-CTZNSHP.jpgMontreal three-piece haze rock outfit CTZNSHP recently finished recording their debut full-length LP, Doom Love, and are getting ready for big shows at North by Northeast and in the States. Their album has been a long time coming, always a project in the background while they won over the Montreal scene with their live performances. Recently I spoke with lead singer and bassist Jesse LeGallais about the writing process, recording the album, touring, and all the great Montreal albums coming out this year.

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Say It Ain't So! Montreal Mirror folds.

Posted by Andrés / June 22, 2012

20120622_montrealmirror.jpgI may be a an eight hour flight away from home and in a foreign atmosphere, but the wind was nonetheless knocked out of me this evening (afternoon for you) when I read that the Montréal Mirror has published its final edition after 27 years in publication. This is tragic for Montreal's anglophone community, and for the arts and culture of the city regardless of language. It may not have catered to every segment of the population, but it has been the most reliable and readable free weekly, with a great guide of music, film, theatre and art show listings. Now it's gone. And there really is no backup for the Mirror. Voir, while now the next best available option, is dry in comparison.

The void left by the Mirror's exit is left to the various blogs, Midnight Poutine included, that have also been an indirect cause to the death of the publication. It is indeed a sad day for Montreal's cultural community, but it's also an opportunity for the rest of us to step up our game and to bring a voice as unique and a service as complete as we've expected from the Mirror these last few decades. We may not have an awesome sex column (editors?), but we will continue to deliver a top quality (and also highly rated) podcast every week of upcoming shows, band interviews and other Montréal news.

It's also time for you, the readers, to step up and become more involved in the Montreal arts and culture community, and to make sure that lack of coverage does not equate to lack of participation.

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