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Probing story

Posted by MP / October 19, 2005

Front page Gazette news: McGill finally takes a stand against Redmen football team, suspending the whole squad after concluding investigation into hazing ritual that apprently included "nudity, degrading positions and behviours, gagging, touching in inappropriate manners with a broomstick, as well as verbal and physical intimidation of rookies by a large portion of the team"!

Gotta love men's team sports.

Ok, i applaud the university (i really do) for finally suspending the football team, but it still doesn't explain why it took them six weeks to complete their investigation into the Aug.27 incident (which means enough time to make sure there was absolutely no hope of a playoff run for the Redmen, whose co-captain - even as of a few weeks back - still vehemently denied the incident on CBC radio).

Personally, I want to commend the brave unnamed soul who stood up to the squad: Can't be easy to "rat on" seventy-five neckless muscled dudes who all weigh in at more than 200 pounds a piece. And while we're on the topic of Dick (and) Pound, apparently McGill officials only followed up on the complaint once the said rookie got his father to approach the university chancellor.

Strangely this whole McGill story takes me back to my VIA trip from Toronto to Montreal this past monday where i spend a goodly chunk of my ride reading the lastest incarnation of the train's inhouse Destinations Magazine, which this month features a "men's sport issue" - light puff pieces on a handful of Canadian sportsmen. I thought i might liberally quote from the rather vapid article on men's hockey beer leagues in the spread which reminds me (horrors) of why political correctness might not be as devilish as the folks who always wanna invoke the good ol' days before the concept existed.

"...Team sports allow men to express the masculine values that have been suppressed by political correctness. That means roughness and camaraderie, which have been falsely linked to the worst acts of machismo, such as violence against women. 'The rules of the game keep the roughness under control, and the leagues give the guys a chance to hang out with each other.' Unlike the workplace and family gatherings, the rink is an oasis where judgmental attitudes are checked at the door. 'We live in societies where, for example, sexist or gay jokes are off-limits. Team sports help open a release valve without creating a harmful environment,' argues Dr. Dulac, who is an expert in men’s issues. The effect is a beneficial one. 'It’s often said that guys don’t want to talk. That’s not true. They are, rather, looking to express themselves in spaces where they can speak in confidence, with peers who won’t repeat what they’ve heard. The dressing room, with its code, is the perfect place for that,' concludes Dr. Dulac."

So you'd have me believe that guys are all checking their homo and sexist (often the same thing, you pussy) at the lockerroom door? Show me some examples of that, pretty please. "Mr. Expert in men's issues" seems to forget that the dressing room is still one of the better places (along with the street, prison, church and battlefield) for men to beat up on - and violate - other men... That's never harmful. Nope.

And moving on to other related sporty news taking place elsewhere in our dear home and native land, here's the down low: The Ontario jr league just slapped the Windsor Spitfires with a 35,000 buckaroo fine for a hazing incident where five players were stripped and crowded into the team bus toilet for a 15 minute stretch of time. Apparently willingly. Fun times.

Can't believe McGill Athletics still has this oldie article up on their own website http://www.athletics.mcgill.ca/varsity_sports_article.ch2?article_id=1447

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