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Let's Go "Internet!" Democracy!

Posted by Robyn / November 5, 2005

weirdassinternetimage.jpg I've long been a proponent of digitizing the fuck out of everything. Oh, I love a book in my hand and real food on my real plate, but it's all just Information isn't it? Swirling unromantic particles bouncing off each other and making D.H. Lawrence and some damn fine prime rib, maybe a few yorkshire puddings. But isn't it possible to have the best of both these so-called "worlds"? Have our science and eat our steak too? Oh, delicious reasoning.

Michael Geist adds to the matrix (oh, har har, think different, deeper though) of discussion and downright argument about our "information age" in a recent talk: "Canada's Choice: Copyright, Culture and the Internet." Interesting, important views on the intersections of information, culture and the weirdness of Ownership when everything's going digital crazy and only getting crazier. "We have another choice," says Geist, about Canada's copyright laws - we can seize the opportunity to create a balance of control within the crazy public sphere that fosters not only "creative innovation but the long-term interests of society as a whole." Yes, please.

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