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Election Thingy: copyright law hilarity in the T-Dot

Posted by John / January 19, 2006

deelectbulte.jpgThis story has almost nothing to do with Montreal, but the glee with which I've watched it unfold, and the impact some aspects of it could have on all Canadians, convinced me it was worth sharing. In a nutshell, Sam Bulte, a Toronto Liberal MP, has been gung-ho about strict copyright and digital rights legislation. Turns out some amount of her funding has been connected, surprise, to the entertainment industry, which stands to benefit most from the draconian measures Bulte supports. Boingboing (from which I borrowed the accompanying image) has picked it up, and has dutifully reported each stage of the growing uproar, such that the Canadian media has gotten involved. Law-talking-pundit-guy Michael Geist has been all over this story, the Toronto Star printed an op-ed piece by Boingboing contributor Cory Doctorow, and, in general, it seems like Bulte is getting totally roasted, to the extent that she's now making hilariously desperate legal threats.


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