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Election Thingy: Python and Bouchard

Posted by John / January 23, 2006

butch.jpgI voted last week at the advance polls because I happened to have my voter card thing in my pocket, and happened to walk by the polling station, and it happened to be empty. As I was approaching, the door opened (the setting: the church at the corner of St. Viateur and St. Urbain), and a large man appeared, followed by a less large man with a cane. As I got closer, and as they closed in on a huge Toyota Sequoia SUV, I realized the man with the cane was ex-QC premier Lucien Bouchard. He got in the back, limo-style.

I still wonder who he voted for. Sure, he founded the Bloc Québécois, but some may recall that he recently headed a team of prominent old white Quebec men that published a manifesto (note: link is a PDF file) more or less declaring the irelevance of the sovereignity movement. So: curious.

Today's highlight occurred while engaged in the stereotypically Mile End anglo practice of listening to the CBC while working on freelance projects. At some point, they put on Monty Python's Election Night Special sketch, which remains, years later, a dead-on parody of broadcast election coverage. The link is a transcript, but I'm sure an MP3 could be tracked down.



rrrobyn / January 23, 2006 at 04:00 pm
I just voted! The best part of voting was that it was in a school and all the kids were smiling and laughing as they were getting ready to go home. The future is now and the future is, apparently, quite happy. Heart warmed. That helped.

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