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Secret Questions

Posted by Hannah / January 17, 2006

In this digital age we have an overwhelming number of passwords, PIN numbers and codes to keep track of. More often than not we forget a password here and there. Whether its a slip of the mind or taking an absence from that website, the combination of numbers, letters and symbols vanish and we're left to click the pale blue link "Forgot my password?"

Thank god for the secret question. But have you ever wondered how useful the "Your mother's maiden name" is after registering at 500 websites?

Apparently so did the Canadian Government. Not normally known for its whimsy, the Canadian Tax and Revenue Agency seems to have hired a creative romantic to write the text for their sign-up page. Gone are the dry and predictable questions asking about your maternal heritage. In their place, sentimental queries that lead you to reflect on your life and the people in it. And they're pretty funny...

My favourites:
1. Where did I meet my significant other?
2. What was the last name of my childhood best friend?
3. Who was the band/star of the first concert/movie/play that I attended?
4. What was the first job I ever received pay for?
5. What was the name of my first love?
6. What is the first musical instrument I ever played?
7. Who was my most memorable school teacher?

One's I'd like to see:
1. Do I look fat in these pants?
2. How much money would it take for you to sell out?
3. Where are you sleeping tonight?

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