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Chevy Tahoe commercial enviro-style

Posted by Hannah / April 5, 2006

roadkill-520.gif Cartoon from the book of environmental cartoons, The Beast That Ate The Earth. Used with permission.
Do-it-yourself continues its march from houses to, well, everything, including the media and marketing world. Chevrolet and The Apprentice© have launched a marketing campaign for the new Chevy Tahoe, but also appear to have left open a rather large loop hole for those less enamoured with SUVs to walk through at quite a leisurely pace.

The car company is inviting SUV-driving Apprentice©-loving debutante commercial directors to try their hand at producing a car commercial. Select the clips that best show the Chevy Tahoe is "capable", "responsible", and "refined". Add a soundtrack. Add your captions. Win a prize (maybe).

Don't police the results, and this is what you get:

(Thanks lil' bro' Matt!)



Jer / April 5, 2006 at 12:54 pm
That is great. Anti-ads are all over the net, but I like that this one was created using the very technologies provided by the manufacturers.

On a related note, I also like how SUV's are trying to re-brand themselves as SAV (Sport's Activity Vehicles). It's not just for people who need them (i.e. utility) anymore (as if it ever was). Now, you just need to have an "active lifestyle" to require one. Here's a link to a <a href= ">;Ford SAV site</a>
rrrobyn / April 5, 2006 at 03:08 pm
Also pretty good:
<a href=";uniqueid=39e5c646-1176-1029-98eb-0013724ff5a7">The Bush Family Car</a>

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