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Music Notes: American Idle

Posted by Jer / May 25, 2006

The numbers never lie. It's true. Unless of course you make the numbers up.
Which in this case I have not (except in several instances).
The point is, I can't talk rationally or irrationally about American Idol,
so I will let the numbers speak for themselves.
(A debt of gratitude goes to Shift magazine, from whom I "sampled" the framework for this article, Shift mag, r.i.p.)

Number of viewers for last night's season finale of American Idol: 32 million
Number of votes cast to "elect" the winner, Taylor Hicks: 63.4 million
Total ballots cast in last Canadian election: 13.7 million

Age of Taylor Hicks, the newest American Idol: 29
Average age of the last 4 American Idols: 22
Toughest obstacle in Taylor Hicks's life: Life itself
Age and Percentage of gray hair required to be officially diagnosed as prematurely grey: 50% before the age of 50
Other diseases I discovered I had while surfing the lynk-biotech page: 7
Person Taylor Hicks would first thank if he won: God
Number of votes God cast for the finale: 0 (busy at an 8pm showing of the Da Vinci Code)

Estimated net worth of Simon Cowell, Idol producer and judge: $80 Million
Estimated price per haircut for Simon: $500
Date of birth of Paula Abdul, Idol judge: June 19, 1962
Release year of "Straight Up", Paula's most glorious contribution to the world of music: 1988
Date of publication of Idol judge Randy Jackson's how-to-guide "What's up Dawg?: How to Become a Superstar in the Music Business": 2003
Release date of Snoop Dogg's DoggyStyle: 1993
First known usage of the term "dawg": 1898

Number of films starring William Hung, early round loser on American Idol, season three: 1 ("My Crazy Mother")
Number of films directed by Hung: 1 ("William Hung: Hangin' with Hung")
Number of times I laughed out loud while visiting former Idol runner-up Clay Aiken's, website: 17
Number of tears David Hasselhoff, who was in the audience, shed upon hearing Taylor Hicks proclaimed Idol: 1 (single tear)

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