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Day against DRM: 03/10

Posted by John / October 3, 2006

125x125.pngDigital Restrictions Management: the technology you might know best for preventing some CDs from playing in your CD player, and that, in the future, if the entertainment conglomerates have their way, will let them dictate how you watch movies, listen to music and generally use media you've paid for.

Boingboing has been all over this for years and today offer a series of good links about DRM and about how to fight the power, as they say. This is especially relevant in Canada, where lobbyists have been urging politicians to push through adoption of the benign-sounding but totally draconian US Digital Millenium Copyright Act, which "has been roundly criticized as terribly upsetting the copyright balance, resulting in researchers being jailed and threatened with lawsuits, an unchecked expansion of the copyright monopoly into areas unenvisioned by law (region-coding, limiting compatibility), and a chilling effect on free speech."

Boingboing's post on how to stop the Canadian DMCA here.

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