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Extra! Extra! Thursday's News Today

Posted by Asmaa / January 18, 2007

clocky.jpg Stock up on Paxil while you still can. The cap has come off the price of prescription drugs here in Quebec. Prices have been frozen since 1994. ... According to sketches found in his car, Dawson gunman Kimveer Gill was considering other targets, like Vanier College, and found Université de Montréal "too big" for his plans ... The toponymy commission has apparently put off its Parc Ave. decision to work out some kind of compromise with the city. That might include only renaming part of the street – the uglier part – after Bourassa. ... Women are especially struggling to find affordable housing in Montreal, a city hall advisory board said in its first-ever report on the issue. They cited difficulties for new immigrants and discrimination against single mothers.

The reality show Big Brother has sparked a diplomatic crisis between Britain and India. Contestant and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has been called "a dog" and ridiculed for her eating habits. (FYI: Housemate Jermaine Jackson now goes by Muhammad Abdul Aziz. It's less of a hassle.) In the House of Commons, Tony Blair made the brave move of saying he had not seen the show but he backed "opposing racism in all its forms." ... That – and global warming – is one of the reasons the cheery folks who run the Doomsday Clock have moved it ahead by two minutes. It is now 5 minutes to midnight. Apocalypse soon. Maybe. Probably.

This just in: 'Half-animal' woman found in Cambodian jungle.

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