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Friday Files: January 12, 2007

Posted by Christy / January 12, 2007

jaws.jpgThings to bear in mind while river surfing in January: Seven meter long Greenland sharks, normally scavengers under deepest arctic ice, have lately been found venturing into the shallow waters of the St. Lawrence river. Nobody knows why, presumably because they've been eaten.

While restaurants and deps go down in blazes around the city, perhaps the most exciting news is that it's finally supposed to stay cold. Today is predicted as our last day above freezing temperatures for the next ten days.

The ever-charming U.S. government continues to enrage the rest of the world, this time striking close to home as 24 Montreal employees of Bell Helicopter were forced off work on a U.S. military contract because of their nationalities. The rest of us continue to be thankful that, perhaps because Jesus loved us more, we weren't born terrorists.

Finally, the Canadian government is poised to clamp down on copyright laws that will hinder freedom of information at a level not even seen in the U.S. Acts that will be considered piracy, under the proposed laws, will include taping television shows for later viewing, and ripping your CDs for listening on your MP3 player. Changes are expected as early as next month, so if this alarms you, take a minute to see how you can help stop them.

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