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Friday Files: January 26, 2007

Posted by Christy / January 26, 2007

Photo by Davduf
Montreal has become utterly boring in the wake of plummeting temperatures. Even our snow has to be fluffed to be thrilling. And all the ne'er-do-wells have taken it indoors where they continue to do what they've always done: not make U.S. headlines.

* A Montreal man has refused to grant a religious divorce to his wife, who he stabbed along with their baby daughter. He clearly doesn't understand that there'll be no shortage of stabbees in prison. Not to mention tattoo-style shotgun prison "weddings."

* Another Montrealer has been jailed for his racist, neo-Nazi website. Canadians apparently applaud the sheer futility of this act--and sure, why not? Meanwhile racist sites mushroom like fairy rings.

* Nobody cares about the state of Montreal's roads, apparently. Concerned about your shocks? Buy a mountain bike, ya' pansies.

* One the bright side, a Montreal animator has received an Oscar nod this year, although she claims the whole thing is a "fluke." Art majors' heads reel, everywhere.

And that, kids, is really... just about... IT. Do us a favor. Go make trouble.

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