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Gnus - Thursday, Jan. 25

Posted by Jer / January 25, 2007

Here are today's breaking stories.

Yesterday, Cat mentioned the ten glass panels that have shattered and fallen from Montreal's Grande Bibliothèque since the summer of 2005. The library has proposed a "buffer-zone" type solution. Luckily, the proposal doesn't involve preventing future window panes from shattering. Rather, it will simply pretty up the area where the glass will fall.

Montreal police are adding robot cameras to the St.Laurent strip. Calling it a "video surveillance plan", the coppers hope to curb crime in the area. Most likely, they will simply get awesome You Tube type footage of walks of shame and of me running up the street drunk pretending I am Captain Smash.

In sports, Montreal will get to host the 2009 NHL All Star game, (sans slam dunk contest). Why we still can't manage to land the World Whiffle Ball Championships, I will never know.

In random news, someone who is awesome has compiled a list of videos featuring the 20 greatest guitar solos of all time. For more guitar-noodling action, check out The Game Studies symposium devoted to the Guitar Hero franchise at Concordia on Friday, Jan. 26.

And finally, Jesus may have returned, as a Komodo dragon. Although the virgin birth of 5 baby Komodos at a U.K. zoo indicates some kind of act of God, scientist argue it is more likely a case of self-fertilization (please do not try at home, oh, you already are? proceed...).

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