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HumpDay Headlines - January 17, 2007

Posted by Cat / January 17, 2007

etre-terre.jpgThe institution that everyone loves to hate, The Bank (or is it the U.S. ? Oh wait, it's both!) has decided to prove that it is even more racist than Quebec. The Royal Bank of Canada will no longer allow Canadian customers who hold dual citizenship with Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea or Myanmar to keep US dollar accounts. Thus far, RBC is the only Canadian financial institution to implement this practice, although they claim that all banks are required to comply with United States laws governing US currency, and that they are only playing by the rules. Banks play by the rules? That IS news. Eh, screw 'em. Go for euros.

In other protectionist (racist?) news, Detroit rapper Jerome Almon, a.k.a. Slikkfordays, is suing two former Liberal Cabinet members and dozens of Canadian border guards for US$900-million, claiming there existed a conspiracy to racially profile him on more than 100 trips across the border. Star witnesses in the trial could include Oprah Winfrey, Premier Dalton McGuinty, Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay, Colin Powell, rappers Jay-Z, P. Diddy and 50 Cent, and MPs Belinda Stronach and Rona Ambrose. WTF? Mr. Almon believes that once Canadians (aforementioned politicos included) understand the magnitude of his complaint, they will rush to support him. "It would be as if America targeted Wayne Gretzky, his wife and hockey players," he said. Well, they can keep Janet (yes, I'm still bitter).

The movie world is full of buzz and speculation these days, but we will just have to wait until March when all will be revealed. That's right! Steven Spielberg will finally announce details regarding his plans to make a movie (or two, or three) based on everyone's (okay, on certain Francophones') favourite little journalist - Tintin! Wait... who did you think I was talking about? Oscar? No, Tintin. And his dog, Milou. Sometimes called Snowy.

IMG_1024.JPGSpeaking of snowy, it came! It came! Winter finally came! In one great big gush of white stuff, winter has finally come. In everyone's pet news topic - The Weather - it's gonna be ball-shatteringly cold today, folks, so bundle up! Witness the complex layers of frost on my back door this morning (see photo. Brrrrrrrr!). Thank you, classic up-to-date and energy efficient Montreal aprtment. But a good weatherman (or woman) can really make any kind of weather more tolerable. And so we mourn the passing of beloved, bespectacled Percy Saltzman, CBC weatherman who pioneered the use of both radar and satellite in his reportage.

Also from the Department of the Environment, Stephane Dion, speaking at a joint breakfast meeting of the Toronto Board of Trade and the Economic Club of Toronto, stressed that Canada can reap substantial economic benefit by fighting climate change, claiming that Canada "will cut megatonnes of emissions, but we will also make megatonnes of money." Dion is in favour of carbon sequestration, fast trains, and in encouraging Canadian innovation in eco-friendly technology. He is not in favour of expanding Canada's nuclear power, a point which doesn't sit well with some in Ontario. "But, you know, it's an unavoidable debate in Canada. It's coming in Europe. Some countries that ruled out nuclear are considering it now, especially because of climate change, by the way." Huh? oh well. At least the Doomsday clock is clear in its message.

Finally, in today's Food Section:
The NY Times forecasts the state of the fisheries in steaming bowl of chowder, The Gazette praises the efficacy of the internet for fast-living foodies, while the Vancouver Sun takes it slow and holds dear the qualities of the once-maligned Slow Cooker - a true believer in the benefits of slow food. LaPresse continues to some of the better food reporting thus far this year with its profile of Etre-Terre and other dumpster-diving do-gooders who glean perfectly-usable organic fruits and veg, plus breads and other items from the trash bin, saving money, the hungry, and the planet in the process. Cheers to that! In other news, Connecticut challenges Texas to a gun-slinging New England-style showdown over who can claim the rights to being the original Home of the Hamburger. Germany has yet to weigh in.



OJ / January 18, 2007 at 10:16 am
Just heard this morning that Royal Bank has admitted to 'misinterpreting' the US regulation (right...) and that if the rejected Canadian citizens reapply they'll now be allowed to open US currency accounts.

Would you go back to that bank?
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