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HumpDay Headlines - January 31, 2007

Posted by Cat / January 31, 2007

Timmmmmberrrrrr! Justin Timberlake is celebrating his birthday by throwing a concert for all his Montreal fans at the Bell Center tonight. Don't yet have ticket or 500 bones to spend on one? Just get all tarted up, then flit from hotel bar to hotel bar in Old Montreal this evening where Mr. Timberlake may or may not be having his birthday cake (and eating it too).

You would think the city itself would take the trouble to do a little of the aforementioned "tarting up" before Mr. Timberlake, or any guest, comes to town. President of Tourisme Montreal, Charles Lapointe, has called Montreal "dirty" and states that it is a turn-off for vistors to the city. Mayor Gerald Tremblay, saying "who you callin' dirty?", has since demanded the resignation of M. Lapointe.

Perhaps the real issue at hand is that the trash on Montreal streets does not accurately represent the linguistic make-up of the city. Recent undercover "tests" conducted by the Office de la langue francaise reveal that the presence of English on commercial signage is still too prevalent for the liking of the english-language dailies, yet appears to be less of a problem for the french ones.

In another knock-em, sock-em round of political bravado, Andre Boisclair, faced with dismal polling results, has declared that he can "dig deeper." Boisclair told PQ supporters that he was inspired "to go and get what is deep inside me." Bernard Landry, furious with the results, blamed Boisclair for the collapse of party popularity, critiqued his leadership, and expressed his disappointment with the party he worked so hard to build. "The principle of my life is the desire to serve Quebec in one position or another," Landry said. "And at present the position of leader of the PQ is occupied." (I feel like there really oughta be some toilet joke in these quotes somewhere, but I leave it to you, dear reader, to chip that comic nugget out if its political bedrock.)

Does all this news leave you feeling a little tuckered out? Well, French health minister Xavier Bertrand is calling for state-sanctioned naps, and has asked for further studies into the benefits of implementing a little post-prandial shut-eye. Can I just say how much I love the science that comes out of France?

If hibernation is more your thing, well then nighty-night! But if you still feel a little restless, head down to the Biodome and welcome the latest arrivals, a couple of Lynx cubs. Awwwww....

Wait, wait! the Food Section!:
Students at Yale (who were obviously turned down by MIT and/or Le Cordon Bleu), have devised tasty recipes to make using a microwave, ingredients culled from the cafeteria buffet, and a well-stocked condiment bar. Quebec cheesemongers whey their skills amongst the creme de la creme of cheesemongers at an international competition in Lyon, France. Vegetarian fast-food is a growing trend, but some spots have been on this bandwagon for ages, offering meat- and milk-free cheeseburgers and tacos and soft drinks made from kamut, spirulina, algae, and fruit juices. Finally, the restaurant industry says it is increasingly catering to baby-boomers, its largest customer base. Menus with large print, quieter acoustics, and healthy low-calorie foods implies that the industry considers thier customers to be blind, deaf, and fat.

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