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Monday's Media Morsels- Jan 29

Posted by Hannah / January 29, 2007

robin.jpgThere may be snow on the ground, but all anyone seems capable of talking about is the climate. In an unprecedented marketing move, the Tories will unveil today a Dion-bashing advertising campaign, as Parliament returns from their six-week ski vacation, er, I mean break. Their favourite line? "The only thing green about Dion is his inexperience as a leader." The English-only ads will air during Super Bowl (are we trying to confuse the Americans?), and the French language ads will be released at a later date. Welcome Back, love Harper.

Speaking of birds, Red-breasted American Robins, which carry the unfortunate scientific name Turdus migratorius (is that the migrating turd?), have chosen to overwinter in Montreal instead of indulging in their usual winter vacations. Usually, their presence is the first sign of spring. But bird census experts found nearly six dozen of the birds had stuck around this year, rather than move their little bird butts south. It's a local sign of a global phenomenon, where all types of species - plants, animals and insects - are moving closer to the poles.

Which makes you wonder about all the greenhouse gases released by jet-setting scientists gathering in Paris this week for the ultimate scientific copy-edit. They'll be slurping from their bowls of café au lait while they haggle over the words and numbers to include in the 2007 update on the planet's health. It's been six years since the International Planet on Climate Change released last one, and we know things haven't gotten better... In fact, a little to the west of our little island, residents will be sitting in the dark on Thursday to protest climate change.

Luckily, it's not all about the climate in Montreal. There are cops too. At the top of the list? Cop's online song tells immigrants to hit the road. Scroll down and read the comments. Scary. I sure hope these people don't vote. You can listen to the song at Humour Quebec, but I can't find the direct link. If you can, post it, please.

Finally, remember the day when a tiger roamed free in the Old Port?

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