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Monday's warm bowl of news - Jan 22

Posted by Hannah / January 22, 2007

poutine.jpgQuebec is a bit like the younger brother who pokes you and then says he never did it in the first place. With Anglos barking at its western door, the province has decided to focus on the east, by redrawing the Quebec-Labrador border to include some southern bits of the bullied territory. The dispute--sparked by a rather benign wildlife study that was, incidentally, a joint Quebec-Labrador project--rekindles an a nearly 80-year dispute.

Apparently death isn't scary enough. It takes laws and government programs to whip us into shape. Following the ban that prohibited smoking in restaurants and bars, "thousands" of Quebecers have decided to give up standing at the curb in -20C weather. Not only are there fewer smokers, but the brief and sudden increase in emergency room visits for frostbitten fingers has settled. That last bit may or may not be true. Which brings us to the threat of the government nosing their way into other aspects of our health. Remember Body Break and the days of the Canada Fitness Award? Well, there's talk of brining the latter back to cinch the growing waistline of the poutine-ingesting children of this province, where the average school kid is active for just 14 minutes a day. Perhaps they should take up wrestling. (cue smooth segue to next topic.)

Montreal's wrestling fans were disappointed to learn that the WWE (not to be confused with the World Wildlife Eatery) has announced that they have moved the Survivor Series Pay-per-view event scheduled for Montreal in November to Miami, Florida.

Photo courtesy of Midnight Poutine Flickr user ccir601.

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