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Friday Files Takes It to the Streets: February 23, 2007

Posted by Christy / February 23, 2007

31_061204_018.jpgToday, at Montreal police HQ, the wanted person of the day appears to be Mr. Potatohead, wanted in connection with six counts of sexual assault. How is this news? It's not news. There is no goddamn Montreal news. But an all-hipster bounty hunting death squad is news. So GO GET EM. No slouching! Hup hup hup!

Is February over yet?

The Montreal High Lights festival is soldiering on, bringing your entire monthly food budget in the form of sculpted croutons to the dinner tables of the city's gourmet elite. Nevertheless, don't forget to check for budget-y High Lights specials the next time you go out to eat.

And speaking of the starving artist crowd, flyposting is about to become strictly verboten on the streets of Ville-Marie. Granted, we're all trying to tidy things up around here, but what's the Plateau without event posters? I'll tell you what it is. A STRIP MALL.

Nevertheless, the people rejoice! To celebrate the "saving" of Park Ave., locals will be throwing a party this Saturday, at 7 PM. Check it out at the Realto Paradiso and revel in the power of the people. Meanwhile, we're still going to be in Afghanistan until 2009.

Speaking of roads with, um, names. There are presently 15 commemoratively named roads on the map, honoring feminists, nuns, and the first recorded black person in Canada. Unfortunately, these roads don't actually exist. Activism for the undead. Save the ghost roads! Jesus won't.

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