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Monday Morning, Get Used to It - News 02/19

Posted by Robyn / February 19, 2007

Uh, there's a reason why newspapers are so thin on Mondays. Or, in my case, why website versions of newspapers are so, figuratively, thin on Mondays. I think, purely conjecturaly, that this reason is actually a combination of the following: weekends are for relaxing and being lazy and not making news; whatever newsy things happen on the weekend are looked over in favour of relaxing and being lazy; most journalists spend the weekend either drunk or hungover, cf "relaxing and being lazy."

Or maybe it's just me. Because we all know the world don't stop for Saturdays. People still die in Afganistan and Iraq and everywhere, even here, wtf :(, accidents happen, and reporters working on feature-length stories never sleep. And it snows. It snows and snows and snows.

I don't think there's anything wrong with all this though - treat the weekend as a reprieve or an opportunity for work or a total blow out wherein you do possibly awesome/regretful things. Britney did something like that, just like a lot of girls/women do in their teens and early 20s. rock n' roll? hm. :/

In less omg omg omg wheee news, but more relevant to, y'know, life news: Medical science, including a team of Canadian researchers, has discovered a genetic link to Autism and Asperger's. I hope this will one day give people with Austism/Asperger's social control over their super-human abilities of number crunching and organization and the human species will once again rule the universe.

Of course, we have to figure out all the other causes for syndromes and diseases and viruses as well. Like the aptly named c. difficile "superbug" that just won't go away. Kill it kill it kill it.

I did not watch any TV this weekend. Which I know is wrong. Wait, I did watch an episode of Studio 60, at which I laughed once with and many times at. So now I am glad Tina Fey makes fun of it so much. But speaking of super-humans and superbugs, I am reminded that Heroes is on tonight, which I believe is an accurate portrayal of where genetic research really should be leading us.

Lastly, as Montreal readers may have noticed, the snow did stop last night and today it's sunny out! And as it should be, it's freakin cold, with a high of minus 13 and a fun wind chill of minus 30. Wait wait: Snow beginning overnight. Low minus 15.

p.s. One thing that my occasional blogging of the news has made me do is search out alternate news media. Today I came across the Canadian Blog Exchange, which is whoa.

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