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Monday's Media Morsels - February 26

Posted by Hannah / February 26, 2007

Montreal's biggest news today - outside of the election, apartment fires*, and irresponsible soccer players - is Torril Kove's win at the Oscars for best (or should I say 'acheivement') in animated short. CBC will broadcast The Danish Poet on March 4. More Oscar news courtesy of MP.

Missing: Referendum. If found please return to the Parti Québecois. André Boisclair must have been rustling through the pages of his thesaurus last week. The PQ have revised their lexicon and replaced 'referendum' with the more benign 'public consultation'. Même chose, says Nicolas Girard, the PQ's chief campaign organizer. Clarity, anyone?

Not much else to report. Besides, I'm still recovering from my Oscar hangover.

* Haven't there been an awful lot of devastating fires this winter?

Photo by daviduf

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