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Terrible Twosday’s Tips: February 27th, 2007

Posted by Chip / February 27, 2007

falafel.jpgOk, so it’s not that terrible. I’m running out of alliteration ideas for the Tuesday news so if you’ve got any suggestions, suggest away. That combined that with the fact that many of my friends seem to be giving birth these days – I figured the title would hit home with someone.

Tuesday in Montreal is all about sports, religion and politics. Anytime you can combine all three, well hey, you’ve got can’t-miss news. Right? Right. Once again, today’s top local stories are brought to you in ‘tip’ format:

1. If you want to spark religious accommodation debate, the use of children & sports is a good way to grab some attention. This was also evident at last night’s screening of Jesus Camp. JC is in the house!

2. If you have kids, plan to stay home on Monday (children also come in handy when negotiating labor disputes).

3. Now’s the time to break out the emergency fuel you’ve squirreled away for doomsday. Or just try taking the metro.

4. Come to Montreal to make short films, you may just win an Oscar.

5. Better yet, come to Montreal to be crowned Miss Universe Canada. Who knew this pageant stuff still happened? You can even play a few slots between events.

6. Studying at McGill in Engineering will probably make you a good badminton player. Hey, it worked for me.

And also, for all the insane people at – and I mean the people who comment, you are insane – today is the trade deadline day in the NHL. What will the habs look like after today? The uniforms will remain the same, but the faces may change…



Chip / February 27, 2007 at 04:41 pm
Sorry to do this (be the first to comment on my own post), but there is a gem of a link in this post that has to be emphasized - particularily the 'taking the metro' link, which is...
...a video of a commercial from the original opening promotion of the Montreal Metro. Thanks to my friend Robin for the tip.
laura / February 27, 2007 at 05:50 pm
I played soccer for many years, and I really don't get why wearing hijab would be a safety concern on the field. In the article someone compared it to jewelery-- which can be caught in someone's shirt or skin. No comparison, in my eyes, to a piece of loose cloth. Can anyone enlighten me?
Sunil / February 4, 2015 at 01:15 pm
Ok next problem! Can't buy this paerttn anywhre! Found it on Simplicity's website but they want me to spend something stupid like 25 bucks on shipping no. Then found it on amazon but they wont ship to me. Anyone got one they want to sell me?

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