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This Week in Blogs for Feb. 15!

Posted by Scott / February 15, 2007

B.jpgThis week in blogs, everyone is talking about the weather and Valentines’ Day, but I wanted to pick up on Jeremy’s post from earlier this week about Jamie Allen and the 8-Bit documentary coming up this Saturday. It seems everywhere I look I find more interesting stuff involving circuit bending and lo-fi electronics.

I’ve spent most of my morning listening to Bit Shifter and Holy Fuck, and reading about modded-out Casio SK-1s online. It seems there is a whole world to be discovered in the random, bit-crushed world of Ye Olde Digitale. And it's exciting!

The upcoming 8-Bit doc is referenced on a few sites around town, notably the Montreal Chapter of the International Game Developers Association and a really confused post on the Zeke’s Gallery blog (scroll down). But I thought a really nice complement to all this lo-fi electronic stuff was found on

Stevey are carrying a few images of Rosemarie Fiore’s time-lapse photos of 80s (read: 8-bit) video games. Considered crude and simplistic against other, newer games, Fiore’s interpretation (like circuit bending or possibly the Nanoloops proggie for Gameboys) shows how much beauty is possible in this 8-bit digitalscape. I was particularly struck by Tempest, which made me re-think how I remember that game.

I realize this is a very selective version of This Week in Blogs, but hell, we can read about the weather and Valentines’ Day pretty much anywhere, you know? Plus I’m spending more time at home with modified electronics, so I guess it is top of mind. The real question is what are you thinking about? Are you planning some circuit-bent orchestra? Let us know!

See you Next Week in Blogs.

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